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Remote Work Ideas for the Digital Nomad in Us All

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

The Career Island is a digital nomad playhouse. This is a place for individuals who want to break the chains of the 40 hour work week and the 9-5 just to stay alive lifestyle that has drained society since it was birthed. If you are interested in freeing yourself from the hovering eyes of employers or want to get involved in 100% contract/freelance work from home? You're in the right place.

Being a digital nomad provides freedom of location-based work and opens up the doors to the world of innovative employment opportunities since going to work is simply just opening up your laptop (or phone). Working from anywhere is truly bliss for the habitually independent worker.

This employment arrangement best suits those of us that consistently found ourselves doing group projects alone and still got everyone to pass with flying colors. It is our time to do what we do best, thrive. With the switch to the Virtual Age, remote work has boomed in our society along with the side hustle industry, as so many of the world is now trying to gain multiple streams of income and begin their passion projects/businesses.

There are endless opportunities for financial gain inside the four walls of the home as we are all becoming entirely virtual and self-sufficient from the couch. Entrepreneurship has spiked since the whole world told us to remain inside and get ready for the hunger games; food shortages, supplies dwindling, and the new brink of this quarantine filled life has changed the way of normalcy for the culture. Survival is imperative now that there is a virus on the outside that forces the workforce to get innovative about the ways they keep afloat.

The Career Island is the dream business that I built to help my community start getting the jobs that they have always wanted. You're just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle because a professional resume will open up doors for you that were previously wired SHUT. To get more callbacks, interviews, and job offers for any industry/field, you must appeal to the views and desires of the HR Managers. The reason why over 77% of job seekers are not getting the jobs they apply to is because they DO NOT know how to be being strategic in their job hunt.

I will help you pull yourself out of the drowning waters of hopelessness as many job seekers find themselves soon after starting their job hunt from lack of callbacks and interviews. The Hiring Industry is set up to discourage certain types of candidates from applying to positions in order to make the candidate selection process easier and smoother for the Hiring Authorities. I used to be an HR Manager at a dispensary and I loved that job, but the VAST majority of job seekers apply to the positions that they want with a poorly constructed resume and THAT is the only reason they are not getting callbacks. You can set up your resume to help you get subconsciously hired.

This information is widely known in the Hiring and Resume Writing Industry, but so many Human Resources Managers, Resume Writers, and Career Coaches hoard this information so that they can make "more money" and gain more executive level clients. The elitism and gatekeeping in "the business of getting a job" is why I always wanted to get my career expertise to the masses because the people who need the jobs the most can't afford the STACKS that is usually costs to get professional career services. There is also NO Career Services Department in the entirety of the college world that actually assists recent graduates in getting hired into worthwhile positions nor do they teach or even know how to write professional resumes that are as successful as mine.

My goal here with my platform is to post ALL my tips, tricks, hacks, gems, and results for FREE so that I can revolutionize the Resume Writing Industry and get the marginalized communities of this realm into financial freedom. When the lockdowns first started a year ago, I was trying to come up with a way to make money 100% from home because I was working at a 24-hour daycare that was spreading the sickness like wildfire.

I ended up telling my previous employer that I had caught the Corona (a bold lie) and needed a 3-week self quarantine that was recommended by my "doctor." This allowed me the time I needed to create my Virtual Career Services Business from the literal underground. This was such an integral time for me on my own career and spiritual journey because I had to completely shed my previous life and the way I was living in order to birth life into my dream vision.

When I first decided that I was never going to work outside of my home ever again, I was just trying to land any remote job at any company that would take me. However, I was previously a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach for years before I was a daycare teacher. I decided to just try making myself different types of "Resume Writer" resumes so I could apply to hundreds of different open job positions that I found online. I had no other plan at all.

It was only the next day when I woke up to an email full of job offers that I decided that I should create an entire business dedicated to helping other individuals find and procure careers like a professional. My magic really works and I had no earthly idea about it until I surrendered to my craft. Once I let go of all the people, places, and things that were holding me back in my old life, I was finally able to flourish and pursue my dream of doing whatever the fuck I wanted and making MONEY doing what I do best, me.

When you're a Professional Resume Writer, you don't always get feedback from the clients you work with as they just get the career and get on with their life. Some might follow up and say they got hired, but a lot just get the new job and start working without coming back to say how long it took them or which strategies they used to procure their new employer.

This was the first time I had ever used my own resume/hiring tips & tricks for myself. Even before I was a Resume Writer, I knew how to get jobs and used my connections to get myself hired, so I was barely ever on the job market in a serious manner for very long. This confidence in myself cured my worries of ever staying jobless since I secured employment easily all throughout life, but with the Pandemic looming and remote work being my ultimate goal, I was forced to get on the grind and only look for specific jobs that didn't require me to step over the threshold.

I was feeling a little anxious for a couple of weeks when I was playing with the idea about finding new work before I realized how powerful I was as a Career Expert, but I believed that somebody would eventually want me because I speak three languages, have multiple degrees, interview well, and people genuinely like talking to me. It's never been an issue for me to shine or win people over, but when the world said "you need to be quarantined and work from home," I was thinking that I was going to have trouble with finances.

I had NO intention of my business booming the way it has nor did I have any idea that I would be the chosen one to get my communities hired and self-sustainable from home. It has been an entire journey in just a short amount of time to this new Virtual Age. I gave birth to The Career Island as the Career Priestess and we are now on a mission to decrease the unemployment rate since everyone is just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle.

My resumes truly do work and I post all my own success in receiving callbacks, interviews, and job offers across all my social media platforms to be a beacon of hope for others who are currently struggling in getting worthwhile employment opportunities. I use my voice to explain to the masses that I am taking all my own career advice to get these job offers and provide free tutorials wherever you see the @andreaisawriter. Now I don't even have to apply to jobs as I get offers from Recruiters/HR Managers that like my content, but I still apply to some in real time to show audience members that the tips are replicable. The proof is in my client testimonials!

If you are interested in switching to the 100% remote lifestyle and need some ideas on which jobs you can do remote, here is my master list of remote careers that you can look into:

  1. Social Media Influencer* (pick any app, grow a following, and monetize it/sell something)

  2. Freelance Writer*

  3. Content Creator*

  4. Graphic Designer*

  5. Transcriptionist

  6. Translator* (if you speak ANY other language, you can make $$$)

  7. Resume Writer*

  8. Editor or Proofing Specialist*

  9. Virtual Assistant

  10. Video Segmentation (the people who do the cuts for videos and films)

  11. Webinar Host*

  12. Astrologist (Birth Chart & Tarot Card Reader or anything in the healing arts)*

  13. Zoom Teacher*

  14. OnlyFans (I know a lot of sex workers that can help you start your account)

  15. Consultant* of ANY field or study that you know well enough to teach

  16. CPA/Accountant

  17. Customer Service Representative

  18. Social Media Manager*

  19. Copywriter

  20. Medical Biller

  21. Product Tester

  22. Promoter (small businesses pay to get their products & services promoted on pages)

  23. Executive Assistant

  24. Graphic Flyer Maker* (I use and

  25. Nutritionist

  26. Digital Media Marketer*

  27. Blogger*

  28. Online Tutor

  29. Bookkeeper

  30. Instagram Model

  31. Lyrics Analyzer or Translator

  32. Recipe Developer

  33. Podcaster (I heard the Anchor App works well for this)

  34. Youtuber (this is my next lane and I will be doing ASMR)

  35. Data Analyst or Researcher

  36. Website Auditor*

  37. Painter/Artist

  38. Movie Critic

  39. Gamer (get your Twitch together)

  40. Career Coach* (I am also a Resume & Career Coach for a tech company)

* = jobs that I have done or currently do as a part of my business, you may ask me how to get started if you are interested in these professions, but I may charge you for Career Advice.

(many of the jobs listed above have open vacancy announcements at companies around the world that you just need a professionalized resume to increase your chances at getting a callback for)


Please check Google and the Digital Nomad subreddit for more ideas on remote work jobs and if you are interested in breaking into the tech world (or any industry), email me your resume to become a client of mine and start the next lucrative phase of your life.


Turn your talent into a full-time career and ride the remote work wave with us here!

Send in your most up to date resume here with links to open jobs:

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