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All resume templates are original design conceptions that were built 100% from scratch in Microsoft Word and have ALREADY been successful in receiving callbacks and job offers for previous clients.

Please read through the product descriptions for more information about the industries the templates above have been built to match. After your purchase, you will immediately receive the editable document and you can start updating it with your own personal information along with the keywords from the job description you're interested in.

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Standard Professional (Data)

Boats in the Bay

The Key to Decreasing the Unemployment Rate

is getting an Expert Resume Writer's help

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6-Figures @ Microsoft, Cybersecurity

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The Myth of Color on Resumes

Many people who are not currently working in the modern Hiring Industry are not Professional Resume Writers with quantifiable results of getting a mass amount of other people around the world hired in many different industries and job titles. There are still people in the HR field who believe that resumes MUST be black and white in order to be considered 'professional' and pass an ATS screening.

This ideology is not only FALSE, but it is outdated and it speaks to the ignorance of the people that spew this type of fear-mongering information out to the general public. Many resumes in today's job market are scanned through an ATS Software that is utilized to assess the candidate's application for keywords and keyword strings or phrases that match up with the posted job vacancy announcement. This helps decrease the candidate selection time for Decision-Makers. Some of the more ancient ATS Software in the market can have issues accepting or interpreting resume designs and formats so to curb this... SOMETIMES the company will require applicants to upload their resume and then fill out all their information again in the company's career portal. I advise ALL clients to always send an attachment of the PDF version of their resume directly to the desired company or Recruiter (find their info on the contact page of the website or get an email service such as and to never rely solely on a job portal to get hired in case the ATS is outdated and it doesn't work well with your resume template. There is always a way around the system, but half of the battle is just getting your resume viewed even when it is accepted well by an ATS so making strategic connections with people who already work at the company is your best bet at getting an interview, not just having a plain looking resume.

Once a resume passes through the initial scan by the ATS Software, it is put inside a pool where Decision-Makers take about 6-7 seconds to view the potential candidate's resume profile. Resumes with color POP out to the human eye and stand out amongst the sea of black and white resumes because they differentiate themselves through the design alone. The ATS can actually help you get hired once you know how to work them and get around their checkpoints. I create visually striking resumes and none of them have issues with ATS Software checks because the clients are getting hired as you can see in the results scrolling above on this very page.

Color is here to stay and many applicant tracking systems have evolved with the times because of tech and software updates. The people living in the past are steering you wrong, do not be fooled.

Colorology is a technique that we use with all our clients and it is a system that has worked throughout this lifetime to garner more attention. This is especially true when the majority of job seekers are applying with resumes that are black and white, not appealing, and lack proper formatting.

If you MUST have a black and white resume, there are a few available for purchase with modern formatting that still work and look good to the eye in the resume catalog.

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