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All resume templates are original design conceptions that were built 100% from scratch in Microsoft Word and have been successful in receiving callbacks and job offers for previous clients. Please look through the templates and let the Office Manager know which one you would like your resume to be designed after.

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Standard Professional Template

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The Key to Decreasing the Unemployment Rate

is getting an Expert Resume Writer's help

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The Career Island Packages

If you would like an Expert Resume Writer to curate your professional career documents to be tailored to match the keywords for ONE specific job vacancy announcement,

please select your experience level below to apply to get work done on the island.

-Each career package comes with a matching Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile optimization-

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How to Strategically Apply to Jobs

Professional Resume

Tailor your resume to match an open job vacancy announcement

Cover Letter

Attach a cover letter document to your application 

LinkedIn Profile

Connect with the company of interest on LinkedIn and send them a message


Google the company, find their contact information, and email your documents

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The Myth of Color on Resumes

Many people who are not currently working in the modern HR Industry are not Professional Resume Writers with quantifiable results at getting a mass amount of other people around the entire world hired. There are even people in this field who still believe that resumes MUST be black and white in order to be considered professional as well as pass an ATS initial screening.

This ideology is not only not true anymore, but it is outdated and it speaks to the age and ignorance of people in HR that spew this out to the community. The vast majority of resumes in today's job search are scanned through an ATS Software that is utilized to assess the candidate's application for keywords and keyword strings or phrases that match up with the posted job vacancy announcement. This helps decrease the candidate selection timeframe for Decision-Makers. Some of the more ancient ATS Software in the market can have issues accepting or interpreting modern resume design formats so to curb this, We advise ALL clients to always send an attachment of the PDF version of their resume directly to the desired company (find their info on their contact page of their site) and to never rely solely on a job site to get yourself hired in case the ATS is outdated. There is always a way around the system.

Once a resume passes through the initial scan by the ATS Software, it is put in a pool where HR Managers take 6-7 seconds to view the potential candidate's resume profile. Resumes with color get more recognition because they POP and stand out amongst the crowd of the other small percentage of candidates that make it to the second round of this selection process. The ATS can actually help you get hired once you know how to work them and get around their checkpoints. We create visually striking resume art for all of our clients and not one has ever had an issue with getting hired and everyone on the island has multiple jobs using this exact same advice.

Color is here to stay and many applicant tracking systems have evolved with the times because of tech and software updates. The people living in the past are steering you wrong, do not be fooled.

Not only do colored resumes typically get viewed first, but they receive more recognition because the human eye is drawn to attractive graphic designs. Colorology is a technique that we use with all our clients and it is a system that has worked throughout this lifetime to garner more attention. This is especially true when the majority of job seekers are applying with resumes that are black and white, not appealing, and lack proper formatting.

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