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Resume Psychology: How to Subconsciously Get Hired

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The mind is a terrible thing to waste on a job that does not uplift you and align to bring you purposeful joy or pay you what you're worth. Getting hired is much more than sending in an application and waiting for a callback. Contrary to popular job search practice, there is a psychological and technical system to getting hired in today's modern Hiring Industry because of the use of technology in the candidate selection process.

You can absolutely "trick" a Hiring Authority into calling you back, giving you an interview, and offering you a job from simply setting up your resume strategically with Resume Assertion Sections that quickly and efficiently tell the reader all of the things that they want to hear/see.

All job seekers need to realize that getting hired is a game of strategy that most players come to the battlefield severely unequipped. It is also almost exactly like a dating since Pat Benatar told us in 1983 that, "Love is a Battlefield." You will NOT be able to go on any dates with the potential company (i.e. the interview) until your resume matches the job vacancy announcement's keywords. It is my job as a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach to equip my clients' arsenal with all the right weapons for this war of wages. There is no way to be successful in the fight for adequate funds without the following:

  • Professional Resume Writer

  • Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • Applying Strategies

This is because over 90% of companies utilize an ATS Software (an applicant tracking system) to prescreen potential candidates who applied to their open positions. The ATS Software is fed the job description that the company posts online and it then scans every application that was sent in for matching keywords and keyword strings.

If your resume does not have the exact same skills, qualifications, and industry keywords that the job post calls for along with the listed years of experience, you will not be getting a callback, an interview, or a job offer at that company because you will be deemed "unqualified" for the position by the computer because it can not see you as a fit for the role since you don't appear like the candidate listed on the job vacancy announcement that was fed into its program.

This is the reason why SO many job seekers on the market are not able to get hired when they solely apply online to job posts through job sites. It is also the reason why it "seems" like there are "no jobs hiring," but the truth is there are more jobs available in the job market than there are human alive to fill the positions. The hinderance in getting hired lies in the fact that the computer cannot tell who is actually qualified because of the sheer lack of knowledge job seekers have about the hiring industry and how to set up their resumes to be successful for the ATS.

The grand majority of people that are looking to gain new employment do not tailor their resume to match the specific job vacancy announcement that they are procuring and over 77% of job seekers are disqualified for hire immediately on pressing submit. Without specifically embedding the keywords from the job vacancy announcement into your resume document, you give off the impression to the computer software that is prescreening your application that you are not qualified for the position.

The only way to combat the ATS Software and to appear qualified for all the jobs that you apply for is to make your resume match the job description by embedding your career document with the direct skills and keywords from the job post. You must do this EVERY time you apply to a new position and there is not a career services department in the world that is teaching this information to students, which is the ultimate goal that I have for myself with my platform and business. I want to spread all my knowledge about the hiring industry secrets like wildfire and get it into the hearts and eyes of the marginalized communities.

Since only 2% of the population of job seekers receive the callback, interview, and job offer from the positions they apply to online, you have a much higher chance of getting the career that you don't have to escape from by just tailoring your resume to match the job post you're procuring because the majority of people competing for the job against you will NOT dedicate the time or energy into doing so. You must apply with pressure if you want the best possible chance of receiving increased callbacks, interviews, and job offers for the job positions that you apply to. You must apply with more effort than the average job-seeker that will be competing against you for the opportunity to work and gain funds.

The vast majority of people are not willing to take these extra steps in their job search or they simply don't have the knowledge on how to go about accurately procuring open jobs.

I am constantly seeing posts on social media about how the process of applying to jobs is so tedious and ALL the corners the average person is trying to cut when filling out applications because the company asks repetitive questions. This causes MOST job seeker to not fill out the entire application or take the time upload a cover letter or any of the other essential documents that are asked/required of them (these processes are only used to weed out the lazy from getting job opportunities and it clearly works well).

Lazy job seekers make it 10x easier for those who are willing to apply with pressure and put in the effort to get the job because those that don't follow the full instructions won't even be considered for the roles and it increases the chances for all the other applicants to land the position. These application processes are designed to see what type of worker you are. This is a strategy game, never forget that. The company is trying to put you through all those hoops to see who can pay attention, follow through, and even go that extra mile and if you are not willing to do so? Hand the job over to those that will. THAT is the game and you do not have to play if you don't want to, more jobs for the rest of us who will.


How to Subconsciously Get Hired (the professional playbook):

  1. The very first step in the job-seeking phase is redoing your resume

If your resume does not appeal to the Decision-Makers of your industry in 6-7 seconds, your opportunity will go to the next candidate that is able to do just that and there is a specific formula on how to do so. Human Resources Authorities have busy lives and many duties to perform throughout any given workday at their companies, so their time spent reading potential candidate resume applications is extremely thin.

You only have a handful of seconds to grab their attention and the cheat sheet on how to do that is listed CLEAR AS DAY all throughout the job vacancy announcement. This simple piece of digital content maps out the exact skills that the company is seeking in their next potential candidate and to be considered for the role, all you have to do is embed your resume with those skills and qualifications, regardless of your current background and education level. You CAN get callbacks if you make your resumes match the job descriptions that you're applying for.

2. Make your resume look like the job vacancy was written for you

Many people believe that job postings are just there to give you a notice about a new opening at a company, and they can be, but what they really are = your key to getting hired. If you have not figured that out by now, this is your sign to get professional help for your career's sake!

The job description is a treasure map that spells out word for word what should be on your resume in order to make it to the money. It is the key to unlocking career success and also details out exactly what to put on your resume in order to beat the ATS Software's initial candidate screening. If you go into your Microsoft Word document and make sure that your resume has all the same skills, qualifications, and keywords that are listed on the job description, you have the highest chance of getting the callback and interview because the ATS Software will assess your ability to perform the work duties based on how well you match the open position.

3. Appeal to the eyes of the beholder of your resume (the HR Managers in your industry)

Resume Psychology is a subconscious process that job seekers use to position themselves as qualified for the roles that they are applying to. It uses functional Resume Assertion Sections to highlight relevant skills and give off the quick impression to Decision-Makers that the candidate that they are assessing is who the job post was written for.

Since you need to be able to showcase your worthiness of being hired in a short timeframe, these sections help draw the attention of the Human Resource Manager's eyes to your relevant skillsets and qualifiable information in the most efficient manner. The fact of the matter is... They are NOT going to spend that much time physically reading your resume, your goal is to present your worth to the Decision-Makers in a stylistic format that:




4. Create a two-page resume format no matter your experience level

Two-page resume formats are preferred by Hiring Managers and Recruiters in the Modern Hiring Industry because it gives off the impression that the candidate is well-qualified and an Administrative or Executive professional, which makes them more sought after.

By increasing or decreasing your resume length to two-pages, you increase your chances for hire 3x over. This is a simple and easy trick to use to get more eyes on your resume because HR hiring statistics and methods across all industries have been studied and the Decision-Makers tend to choose more candidates with two-page resumes than all the other resume lengths. There is NO REASON to continue applying to jobs with a one-page resume because you come off as entry-level and will typically get low balled in the job offer and anything over two-pages is too long.

5. Insert the appropriate resume assertion sections in the correct order

Once you have the right resume length, the only other step aside from correct formatting with your margins and style is to insert Resume Assertion Sections that reflect the same information as the job vacancy announcement. You will stand out amongst the sea of other applicants, but more importantly, you will stand out to the Hiring Manager who is viewing your resume as qualified for their open job position in 6-7 seconds.

After your resume document fits the ATS Software, as long as your information is eye-catching and appeals to the leaders in your industry, getting interviews will be a BREEZE! Getting hired in today's Virtual Age is not impossible, you just have to know how to play the game.

Resume Assertion Sections to add to your resume document:

  1. Professional Profile

  2. Career Summary

  3. Areas of Expertise

  4. Skills Overview

  5. Project Accomplishments

  6. Highlight of Achievements

  7. Work History & Responsibility Summaries

  8. Education

  9. Certifications & Trainings


(I constantly have clients that tell me that they don't feel like they have project accomplishments from work or that they have not "achieved anything" worthwhile that could be added to a resume and here is what I tell everyone, "if that's true, make it up and pretend so you can get a job because nobody wants to hire someone who doesn't believe in themselves or has low self-esteem in their work ethic, BUT if you have ever got to work on time or showed a new employee the ropes of the daily operations, those are achievements that you add to your resume)


  • Congratulated in May 2021 by the HR Department at the Career Island for training new hires during their onboarding process by being the first point of contact for their direct operational needs, which increased process improvement methodologies by over 34%

-you could be referring to a time where you told a new employee where the bathroom was, you helped them with daily operations of working at the business and THIS is a training accomplishment

  • Expert digital media marketing strategist that implements influential social campaigns to business models and increases audience engagement metrics by 200%

-this could be a skills overview line that is talking about a time where you made a tweet about your company that got retweeted once and THIS is a marketing achievement

If push comes to poverty, LIE and get hired by any means necessary! You're just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle.

Send in your most up to date resume here with links to open jobs:

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