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Which Resume Would You Choose?

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

It's not you, it's your resume that is hindering your career trajectory and financial success. When you apply to a job with a poorly put together resume, you should ask yourself if YOU would even hire yourself. I audit and edit resumes as a full-time job and YOUR RESUME is the issue.

The majority of job seekers have spelling/grammar mistakes and improper formatting inside of their professional career documents and THAT paints their work ethic in a poor light. You are being judged from the moment that you submit an application to an employer and mistakes on your resume from lack of proofreading makes you appear like someone who turns in sloppy work without double-checking it, which you clearly and absolutely do.

The reason why over 77% of job seekers are disqualified from being hired immediately after finishing their application and clicking "submit" is because they apply with generic resumes. It has been proven that generic resumes do not work in getting increased callbacks, interviews, or job offers and neither does clicking that "one-click-apply all" button on job sites.

Resumes that do not strategically targeting a specific job vacancy announcement or values and mission of the company of interest are rejected by the ATS Software because humans are not reading over every word on your resume, a computer is scanning it for keywords.

Over 90% of the fortune 500 companies and businesses with current job openings utilize an ATS Software in their hiring practice. ATS stands for applicant tracking system and it doesn't exactly that. It tracks the applicants that apply to their open positions and makes it easier for the Human Resources Authorities to go through. Any ONE job post can have 200-1000+ resume applications that were sent into their company's job vacancy. Again, this makes it easier on the HIRING MANAGER to select candidates, not you (the job seeker, but there is a way to hack it).

Generic resumes that do not have the direct keywords from the job post embedded into the document. Which means that not only are they not successful at getting increased callbacks and interviews for job hunters, but they are NOT even seen by human eyes. The ATS Software prescreens all the applications to assess how much they match the posted job vacancy announcement so if you are trying to get the job, you must appear like the job description was written for you throughout your resume. If not? Your resume will be in the digital trash.

The reason why it is so hard for people to get hired is because of their RESUME. So many job seekers believe that the job market is bad or they just don't have enough experience to get hired anywhere, but that is simply untrue. It is the fact that your resume doesn't position you as the ideal candidate that the company said that they want, you just have to tell them what they want.

A professional resume is a specific piece of marketing material that can be used to open the doors to many worthwhile positions that you didn't even know had available openings, but when you apply to one job with a resume with spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes... You won't be considered for greatness. You and your work ethic are being judged based on your application and the candidates that appeal to the views of the HR Managers in their field are rewarded. It is going to be hard for you to ever get a good job with a bad resume.

Which Resume Would You Choose?

My job as a Professional Resume Writer is to write, edit, proof, and format client resumes to be attractive to the Human Resources Managers in their respective industries. The problem with job searching is that the job seeker usually tries to write their resume to reflect their own personal background and education level exactly, which hinders their success in landing jobs.

This strategy is not strategic and will have the job-seeker searching for employment for many months because the average job-seeker does not articulate their skills and experience in a way that attracts a specific job title, HR Manager, or the company for hire. You want to write your resume for the job you want, not solely for the jobs you have had in your past. Never double backwards! You always want to attract the future positions that you want.

If you are currently looking for a job, you need to put yourself in a Human Resources Manager's shoes and think about how you can peak THEIR interest since they are in charge of hiring. You do not need to tell your entire work history or education on your resume if it's not relevant. You also need to take off all your personal information because hiring authorities do NOT care about your life the way you think. They care about getting the best candidate for their employer. You are not going to get more job opportunities by using sob stories or coming off as desperate for hire. This is not only wishful thinking, but it is WRONG.

Human Resources Managers and Decision-Makers at companies with open job vacancies are only impressed by candidate applications that mirror the job vacancy announcement that they posted because that is what they are looking for. They give you a direct cheat sheet essentially as to what they are looking for exactly and it is all on the job description that they posted.

The job description (oftentimes created by Professional Resume Writers as well) is created as a type of calling card. The company is looking to attract all candidates who are currently looking for a job that already match the description because businesses do not want to have to train a new employee from the ground up, they want you to come into the role experienced enough to perform and excel. Your job is to be persuasive about your talents on paper and in the interview.

This is why many job descriptions ask for large years of experience (they do this to discourage applicants from applying to the position to make it easier to go through all the resumes they get). If you are interested in a role and don't have the listed experience in years or the direct skillsets, put them on your resume anyways and make your application match the job description. What are they going to do? Fire you? YOU DO NOT EVEN WORK FOR THEM YET and you can always just apply somewhere else if it doesn't work out. There are millions of open jobs!

There are so many job-seekers that have absolutely NO CLUE:

  • how long their resume should be (2 pages)

  • what should go on their resume

  • how to present their skills and information

  • what is interesting to HR Managers in their field

  • the necessary formatting for professional resumes

  • where to look for remote jobs

This is why it is such a tedious task for the majority of the world to get hired because there is a severe lack of information about the Hiring Industry given out to the general public. People find job hunting so daunting that it keeps them stuck in their comfortable toxic work environments out of fear of not being able to land anything better. It is now my career to change your perspective on the entire game and business of getting hired.

I will post a couple of screenshots of previous client resume profiles to show what the average resume looks like from non-professional job-seekers on the market alongside the after images of their resumes that I created for them and you will get to decide which resume would you choose to invite for a callback interview.






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