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Which Resume Would You Choose?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

It's not you, it's your resume that is hindering your career trajectory and financial success. When you apply to a job with a poorly put together resume, you should ask yourself if YOU would even hire yourself. I audit and edit resumes as a full-time job and YOUR RESUME is the issue.

The majority of job seekers have spelling/grammar mistakes and improper formatting inside of their professional career documents and THAT paints their work ethic in a poor light. You are being judged from the moment that you submit an application to an employer and mistakes on your resume from lack of proofreading makes you appear like someone who turns in sloppy work without double-checking it, which you clearly and absolutely do.

The reason why over 77% of job seekers are disqualified from being hired immediately after finishing their application and clicking "submit" is because they apply with generic resumes. It has been proven that generic resumes do not work in getting increased callbacks, interviews, or job offers and neither does clicking that "one-click-apply all" button on job sites.

Resumes that do not strategically targeting a specific job vacancy announcement or values and mission of the company of interest are rejected by the ATS Software because humans are not reading over every word on your resume, a computer is scanning it for keywords.


Over 90% of the fortune 500 companies and businesses with current job openings utilize an ATS Software in their hiring practice. ATS stands for applicant tracking system and it doesn't exactly that. It tracks the applicants that apply to their open positions and makes it easier for the Human Resources Authorities to go through. Any ONE job post can have 200-1000+ resume applications that were sent into their company's job vacancy. Again, this makes it easier on the HIRING MANAGER to select candidates, not you (the job seeker, but there is a way to hack it).

Generic resumes that do not have the direct keywords from the job post embedded into the document. Which means that not only are they not successful at getting increased callbacks and interviews for job hunters, but they are NOT even seen by human eyes.