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Applying Strategies

Before you say "you can't get hired," try out these methods first:

Applying Strategies: Welcome

The Career Island Guide to Applying

Results MAY vary, however my clients and I get hired using these strategies and so can you

The best time to apply to jobs is late on Sunday nights because statistically, people open up their emails to most on Monday mornings at 10:50 am. Your goal in the job search is to get your resume and application viewed and applying LATE ON SUNDAY NIGHT is the best window to increase your chances of getting a callback and interview.

I apply to jobs in my industry every Sunday night and post my results across all my social media platforms to prove that my tips work increasing callback ratios and interview offers. I like to provide real time results of my expert knowledge and success in the Hiring Industry and MANY times during my job hunts I have received offers within 2-3 days of applying. Feel free to test out my strategies below for yourself.

Step 1

Social Media Scrub

Do a scrub of all your social media platforms for 'foul play' and make sure that each one looks presentable to a potential Employer or you may wish to go private during the candidate selection process because people definitely Google potential employees

Step 2

Specifically Tailored Resume

Every time you apply to a new position, make sure that you update your resume to match the keywords in that specific job vacancy announcement that you're interested in applying to (the job post is your cheat sheet during the job hunt)

Step 3

Email Them Directly

Do not just rely on the job site! Always email your resume and cover letter documents directly to the CEO, Human Resources Authorities, Recruiters, and any other Decision-Makers at the company that you find on LinkedIn or their website

Step 4

Optimize Your LinkedIn

Update your LinkedIn Profile like this: remove company names from your headline and put the job titles you want, add a background relevant to your field as your header, add content to your featured section, and increase your connections

Step 5

Network on LinkedIn

After you have an optimized LinkedIn Profile, you will be more attractive to the Recruiters in your field, so use it to reach out to Decision-Makers and HR Managers (ASK THEM how to get hired at their companies and who to send your information to)

Step 6

Call the Company

If you apply to jobs with specifically tailored resume templates and still don't hear back from the Employer? Locate the company's contact number and call them so you can ask about the status of your application (also ask who is in charge of candidate selection)

Step 7

Check the #Hashtags

If you are struggling to find open positions to apply to, try checking these hashtags across all social media plaforms:
#nowhiring #remotework #workfromhome #wfh #wfhjobs #jobopportunity #recruiting #jobopening #jobpost #wearehiring

Step 8

Ask the Employees

The easiest way to get hired is to get an internal employee to refer you to the Decision-Makers because MOST open positions are not posted online (get on the inside by making connections with people who already went through the process)

Step 9

Don't Stop Grinding

It should NOT take you longer than a few weeks to hear back from a company if you are following all these tips, but do NOT stop trying to get yourself hired! If you are still job hunting after doing all these tips, send in your resume for a professional audit

Applying Strategies: Resume
corona virus sea.jpg

Over 114 million jobs lost due to the Pandemic

Transitioning to the Virtual Age

We have all been affected by this new era of life with the Corona Virus Pandemic. The average person struggled with landing worthwhile careers even before the work-from-home boom that we are currently living in now because the average person does not know how to write their own resume or strategically apply to jobs to get the jobs.

I used to be in the very same boat as the average job-seeker in my past because there is no formal resume writing or career procurement coaching in any school or college in the world, but then I got a job as Professional Resume Writer. I was put on to the secrets of the Hiring Industry and it completely shifted my career journey.

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