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Coffee Chat Agenda

Coffee Chat Agenda

This is a Coffee Chat Agenda script that job seekers can use to reach out to professionals in their industry, collegaues/connection on LinkedIn, or people that work at the companies that they are interviewing with in order to get more insight to make for stronger interviews. 



It is very strategic, as a job seeker, to gain insight from people who already have the job title that you wish to possess. They can be a great resource in your career trajectory and provide you with strategies, gems, and goldmines to use in your industries and even put you on game to open roles that are not yet posted online from their inner connections since they are on the inside.


Be sure to have your LinkedIn Profile optimized BEFORE you reach out to people in your field so you klook the part and are taken seriously as a job seeker on the platform and use this structured script to create a functional agenda that greets your guest, gives them their flowers, and gets right to the point so you don't waste any of their valueable time.



The agenda:


  • Greets the guest 
  • Thanks them for their time and asks them about their week
  • Sets the roadmap for the 15 - 20 minute meeting
  • Asks 8 role/industry specific [fill in the blank] questions
  • Helps structure the chat so the job seeker can understand what they need to learn, improve, and research to position themselves as a strategic candidate for their upcoming interviews 
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