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"Peace, love, and soul readings"

Soul Realignment for Job Seekers

Travel through your past lives and discover who you have always been so you can start experiencing life on your terms and attract career opportunities that fit your divine gifts.

Career coaching with your soul in mind!

Image by Billy Huynh

Your Current Reality


Missing opportunities


Fear of the unknown


No faith in self


Not empowered



What is Soul Realignment?

Soul Realignment is a method of reading that provides an understanding of how to receive pure energy from Source.

I conduct spiritual readings with clients that are interested in soul-level healing in the Career Cruise Line program.



Together, we will learn who your soul was truly created to be, while addressing the unconscious negative patterns of choice that have created dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

These soul readings open a real lane for self-discovery that can dramatically impact your success and financial goals because we clear out the blocks that have been consistently showing up for you over the course of many other lifetimes.

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Your Desired Reality


Multiple job offers


Excited about the future




Financial growth


Internally fulfilled

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For more information about long-term career coaching and the added spiritual integrations that are available for you, please fill out the intake form below to schedule a call

Soul Readings Overview

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Here is what you can look forward to finding out and gaining clarity on:

Initial Soul Realignment

To establish a cohesive career path and aligned spiritual mindset, we will begin with the initial Soul Realignment reading to clear past life blocks and understand how to finally correct negative patterns of choice and work with our own unique soul gifts.

Manifesting Blueprint

After consciousness of your true soul and the full integration your gifts in the physical, we will begin congruent career procurement with laser-focused course corrections by uncovering your Manifesting Blueprint to enhance results.

Life Situation Reading

Throughout our 4-month spiritual career coaching sessions, we will experience your transformations in the moment and conduct life situation readings based on your newly implemented choices to see what underlying areas are affecting your results.

Dimensional Energy Analysis

As we work together to implement soul strategies to commit to and achieve your career goals, there will be opportunities to incrementally assess your process and map out exactly how your energy is showing up through the dimensions in a 3D analysis.

Add Soul Realignment to your Career Cruise Line coaching program by filling out the intake form below and get started!

After knowing your soul...

you will have the ability to fully align to your gifts, create in your designed image, and achieve your dreams

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Get inspired to actually live your life based on conscious effort and the imagination of your goals

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Immerse yourself in your own essence and come up with ideas that match your unique gifts

Image by Susan Wilkinson


Work with yourself to reestablish connection and integrate the soul into your career search

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: "Are soul readings scary?"
No, but being nervous is 100% normal for any reading.
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