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Frequently Asked Questions (Career Advice)

As a Professional Career Coach, the general public asks me a lot of general questions. Please PAY me for my time and expertise in this industry. I AM NOT FREE, however I am always accepting clients!

Become a patron or look for the answer to your question here on this page as I update it frequently.

1. Will I get in trouble for lying on my resume?

In trouble by whom exactly? Who is going to reprimand you or even be able to constitute what is true or false on your resume enough to then take the steps to get you "in trouble"? This is not elementary school, this is real life and most humans being on the planet are impoverished. What do you think is the criminal charge for telling not full or half truths on a Microsoft Word document that was submitted through to an open job application at a random company? THERE ISN'T ONE. So many job seekers have "proficient in Microsoft" on their resumes when they are novice at best in the application suite, but are not foaming at the mouth about whether or not they have just committed a 'mortal sin' of lying on their resume that will meet them with eminent death or a life sentence, when technically they are already unknowingly absolutely lying on their resume. If it was an offense that would land you in jail or in trouble, you would already be in serving time for the crime, so RELAX! Concern yourself more with ways to get hired. Are you lying when you omit that you're late to work or got in a fight with a coworker? No. If you have been speaking your native language for 20 years, do you not have 10+ years of communication experience that you could put on your resume? Yes, you do. It is not a lie to use your life experience to help yourself get hired.


There is nobody behind bars for lying on their resume to get corporate business-level positions. I advise clients to apply to jobs that they have the necessary experience for, but if the job post asks for 4 years of training and you only have 3 years, you can say you have 4 years and not be put in jail. If you get a callback, it is wise to tell them you are qualified for the job and have the 4 years of experience that they asked for to ensure you are the candidate that has the best chance at getting the job. By ANY means necessary, you should be trying to get yourself hired so that you can sustain your livelihood.

If you rather struggle to get hired by telling employers that you have "no" experience, this is NOT the place for you.

I advise clients to not impersonate doctors, lawyers, police, or astronauts, but most companies are just trying to assess the competency of their potential employees as they do not know you personally since they are not going to be able to test your skills while sitting there in the interviewing room. The grand majority of our clients do NOT even have lies on their resume documents at all because most people have plenty of skills to get themselves hired already, they just do not know how to articulate them accurately for the job market. Most job seekers have no idea that they are increasing process improvement metrics and data insights regarding human capital productivity by just showing up to work. Including your impact as human capital labor on your resume is 100% NOT a lie. Resume writing is creative writing and if you have a problem with the way this business operates, do not support it at all.


Say that you have the necessary transferrable skills and work experience because you will get trained by the company once hired anyways. Do not disqualify yourself from getting hired. Your resume should make you appear like the ideal candidate so that you can get a callback!

2. What is the average turnaround time?/How do I get my documents RUSHED?

The turnaround time at The Career Island is 45-business days for both of the career services packages that include the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile optimization rebuilds (this excludes weekends and holidays). All potential and current clients must understand that we are always and completely FULLY booked! This is not your due date, but it is the AVERAGE time it will take to get to your order in your client ecosystem because we get a lot of interest from people all over the world who are trying to get hired. Again, it does not actually take 30 to 45-business days to do one career assignment for a client, but it takes 30 to 45-business days just to get through the amount of client before you when you purchase a professional service here from this company. Be patient and let the craft be crafted! Once you purchase a service, you are added to a VERY LONG list of clients. You will NEVER be the only person trying to get a better paying job on this Earth, nor will you ever be the only client that is getting a resume package or audit done on the island. If you choose to support this business, I thank you for allowing us to do YOU the service of helping YOU get your bread up, but either be patient or be generous and pay the fee for rushing this craft.


There is a rush fee if you want your career documents sooner than the listed average timeframe. You may add any of our rush fees to your cart during checkout and then you will immediately get your service expedited and pushed to the top of the client list instead of starting at the bottom in order, but DO NOT rush this process without paying for it. *IF YOU BUY A RUSH FEE, MAKE SURE YOU SEND IN YOUR MOST UP TO DATE RESUME, AT LEAST ONE OPEN JOB DESCRIPTION, AND LINKEDIN PROFILE LOGIN CREDENTIALS TO RESUME@THECAREERISLAND.COM SO THAT WE CAN GET TO RUSHING YOUR ORDER???* Make sure that if YOU cannot be patient that you are more than WILLING to pay extra for rushing this craft that simply just takes time. If YOU cannot wait the processing time or pay the rush fee to be moved up the list, your order will just not be processed.


This is a legitimate business, so if you went out of your way to ask/rush your resume without paying a fee and especially outside of normal business operating hours... your assignment will be pushed down to the BOTTOM of the list (check the terms & conditions page and reread your terms & conditions contract that you signed because this is specifically laid out that you know about and are okay with the wait time so don't come back and act like you did not know when you absolutely signed off saying that you did know). Learn patience and do something productive for your next career during your wait time, such as studying for the role, adding relevant connections on LinkedIn, networking with likeminded professionals, or watching my Interview Tips playlist on my TikTok channel here.

3. Does a professional resume guarantee that I am going to get a job?

No. There is no guarantee that you are going to get a job as there are natural human biases in every aspect of the Hiring Industry. You never know who is going to be the Hiring Manager in charge of making decisions or what their internal biases are going to be, but none of the followers or clients that ACTUALLY follow ALL the advice laid out in the social medias, blogs, or emails have issues getting increased callbacks. Once you are in the interviewing room, it is up to YOU to get yourself hired and nobody can take the interview for you. If you believe that you have been doing everything possible to get hired AFTER purchasing a resume service, try reading this blog again and going line by line completing the steps.

You are also not buying the job itself, you are buying a professional career SERVICE or PACKAGE. In order to increase your callback ratio and hiring potential, you need to be applying to 30-50 jobs per day with specifically tailored resume profiles while connecting with the companies you're interested on and off LinkedIn. Email your documents directly to decision-makers and reach out to the Hiring Authorities if you are interested in seeing increased job opportunities, but your resume is just the ticket in the door. Getting a job offer requires effort on YOUR part to sell your skills and get other people to like you.

In order to increase your chances of getting hired, you must professionalize all your career documents and efforts by applying strategically, curating specific resumes that match each and every job vacancy announcement’s keywords in that industry each and every time you apply to a new position/company, and scrubbing your social media accounts for foul play (people are commonly disqualified from potential hiring based on their social media profiles, so it is best to make sure you are not hurting your own chances from what you have posted online).

4. What if I don’t have enough experience for the job that I am interested in?

If you do not have the listed years of experience or qualifications that match the open job vacancy announcement, your best bet in getting a callback for the position you are interested in is to say you have the experience and qualifications that the job vacancy announcement calls for anyways, or all the other candidates that do this will get the callback and you will not.

If you are not confident enough in your skills in being trained on the job or being able to sell yourself as the best candidate for the position you’re interested in, you will have a hard time getting hired anywhere. I tell all my clients to procure jobs that they truly feel that they are able to perform, but if you are interested in getting increased callbacks, your resume needs to directly reflect the job description for hire.

At the same time, if you are truly underqualified for the job and don't believe that you can get trained for the position... Ask yourself why you're even trying to apply to it anyways.

5. Have you received my email yet?

The Office Manager will reply to you when they get to your email in the inbox. You should expect to hear back with the client email script to get on the client list within the same week that you sent it in, but there are THOUSANDS of comments, DMs, and emails being sent to the island daily. Be patient or you can pay a rush fee, but I, Andrea Logan, do NOT run the email inbox. I have no clue if your email was received.

You need NOT to harass me about your email if you haven't even paid yet, I work with the paying clients who have already supported this business. All potential clients need to speak with the office and you can contact them here directly with your most up to date resume and 1-2 links to potential jobs of interest:

I promise you that you are never going to be the only one in the inbox. It is constantly overflowing, especially after new content is posted so relax, nothing is going to be immediate. You are on MY ISLAND time now!

6. How do I edit my professional resume documents?

You edit your professional resume documents with Microsoft Word as I create all my client’s professionalized resume and cover letter templates with Microsoft Word. I create the templates to be functional for you to be able to edit yourself with ease.

In your file folder after downloading the documents, right-click the Word Document and press "copy" & in the white space below, right-click again select "paste" so you can create the “copy” of your new professional resume in the file folder. Name the copy of your professional resume the title of the NEW position you are interested in curating a new specifically tailored resume for (this is what you should be doing every time you want to apply to a new position).

If you are unable to edit them on your own, you will have to learn how to use Microsoft Word. You may ask for free assistance at the Microsoft store or pay $1000 for edits. I suggest YouTubing Microsoft Word tutorials. Google is also a great free resource for figuring out how to use Microsoft Suite applications and is an essential skill for most jobs in today’s society.

7. How come I didn't receive a resume for all the job links I sent in?

You did not receive more than 1 resume because YOU DID NOT PAY for more than 1 resume. You were asked to send in 1-2 job description links so that my team and I could have extra links in case one of them closed during the professional resume building process. You have/will receive the MASTER copy of your resume Word Document so you are able to tweak it to match all the job links of your interest on your own (this is what you're supposed to do anyways and those details on how to do exactly that are listed in the email that was sent to you with the documents attached). YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE MULTIPLE RESUMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. You paid for ONE, so you will get one.

If you have a one specific job that you want the resume to be tailored towards more than all the other job links, state that very clearly to me when you book OR just simply send only that one, but DO NOT give yourself the false idea that you will be receiving a resume for every single job link you send in without paying for multiple packages. 

If you are interested in paying FULL PRICE for another resume to be tailored to match each job description of your liking, you MUST rebook as a client and get back on the list then wait the turnaround time yet again. Remember that you can always tweak it on your own for free and immediately, but there is no where listed on this site, in the emails, or on my social media that ANY client will receive more than what they paid for so NEVER assume anything or get confused. See #6 above if you are not willing to pay for multiple resumes.

8. What is a LinkedIn Profile Optimization or What does it entail?

Look up the word "optimization" here on Google. That is what is going to happen to your LinkedIn Profile. All of your information is going to be updated to match the newly built resume so that you will appear as the ideal candidate to the HR Managers in your field and begin to attract Recruiters in your industry to your page. There are ways to draw in the Decision-Makers of your industry and desired job positions to your LinkedIn Profile and that is what I specialize in as a Career Procurement Expert.

You can forgo applying to jobs altogether with a professionalized LinkedIn Profile because it is the most used social media site for Recruiters and HR Managers. They use the site to scout for talent and I optimize profiles to appeal to the views and eyes of the hiring authorities of my clients' industries. Connect with me on LinkedIn to see my profile as an example and the blueprint or watch my TikTok videos for tutorials.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL, STOP PLAYING WITH ME AND GO HUSTLE! If you argue with me, you will be blocked so talk to me nice.

More Common Questions

If you would like the full PDF, leave us a message and put "FAQ" in the body:

9. Is it illegal to lie on your resume? No. Your resume is not a subpoena or a legal document at all.

10. What if I don’t get callbacks/hired? Keep applying until you do.

11. Where do I find the keywords for the jobs that I am interested in? On the job vacancy announcement.

12. What is an ATS Software? It is the software some companies use to track the applications of potential candidates.

13. What makes you qualified to write resumes? I got hired to write them, was trained, and do it well.

14. Where can I find out more information about how to get hired? Follow the social medias and check the blogs.

15. Do you do refunds? No, and if you try to do a chargeback? Good luck.

16. How can I become a Resume Writer? Start charging people to write their resumes.

17. How do I make my LinkedIn Profile match the job description? Add the skills from the job post to your profile.

18. Where can I find remote work? I post open remote roles on my LinkedIn Profile with the #jobhunt2023 tag.

19. How can I get a remote job? Apply to a remote job with a professional resume and update your LinkedIn Profile.

20. Can you look at my resume/LinkedIn Profile? If you purchase a Career Coaching session, we can review them.

21. Where is your email/how do we get started? Send in your up to date resume here: 

22. Is the audit the resume redo? No, the audit is a digital product that walks you through your resume.

23. Do you do discounts? There are discounts in the back of the e-books, click the homepage.

24. Why didn't you include my school accomplishments? Because you're trying to get a job, not a school award. 

25. Do you do edits? Not for free, you purchased the MASTER Word Documents so you can edit it yourself for $0.

26. Do you do payment plans? Yes, just start sending me money (the link to PayPal is below).

27. What if I get a job that I don't know how to do? Ask your coworkers to help you and search the job on YouTube.

28. What if I get blacklisted from a company? Apply somewhere where you are not blacklisted.

29. Is it my own fault if I don't get hired? 100% YES.

30. What if I can't afford your services? The tips are free on social media and it is the same information I charge for.

31. What if I don't like my resume? Change it until you like it.

32. What if they ask for references and I don't have any? Get a google voice number and be your own reference.

33. Why are your services so expensive? This is America.


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