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Resume Writing Career Services

For job seekers that need a professional to write and format their resume & career documents with accurate tailoring to match the keywords for specific job description of interest without the stress of making any more mistakes...

PLEASE select one of the resume writing career services below to get on the client list!

- Both of the resume writing career services listed below come with a ResumeCover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization -


Career Economy


Cover Letter

LinkedIn Profile


Career First Class

The Career Economy Service

LinkedIn Branding + Engagement

15 Completed Job Applications

(8) Digital Products from the shop

If you want to rush...

you MUST purchase a rush order on top of your service

(rush orders below are NOT the prices of any of the resume writing services, they are add-ons to get your service RUSHED if you do not want to wait the 45-day turnaround time)

How to Strategically Apply to Jobs

Professional Resume

Tailor your resume to match an open job vacancy announcement

Cover Letter

Attach a cover letter document to your application 

LinkedIn Profile

Connect with the company of interest on LinkedIn and send them a message


Google the company, find their contact information, and email your documents

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