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Career Deep Dive

*The signature offer for clients that want to dive into the depths of their big picture career visions*

I have been coaching job seekers and professionals all over the world for years. I have found that the vast majority of humans on the planet are not adequately prepared to answer questions about the quality of their labor in a manner that converts into higher-salaried checks because of the lack of education on how the hiring industry functions.

People overthink the ENTIRE process of getting hired to the point of exhaustion, burnout, frustration, and depression when they do not receive desired job results after applying and interviewing for new positions.

This 5-week intensive coaching program is designed to offer professionals on the job market a customized roadmap for their specific big picture career visions with the crystal clear next steps to take towards the path of success.


This career coaching program includes:

Career Coaching (60-Minutes)

Interview Preparation (60-Minutes)

Mock Interview #1 (60-Minutes)

Mock Interview #2 (60-Minutes)

Career Deep Dive (60-Minutes)


Each week, I see about 15 private career coaching clients with running emotional themes of stress, scarcity, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, low self-worth, the dreaded imposter syndrome, guilt, and shame at the root of their internal battles when it comes to their external job hunt performances.

We will spend a month uncovering the low-level feelings that have been brought up while job hunting, reframing/dissolving internal misalignments, figuring out what the client's true vision for themself is, and creating a streamlined action plan to build career confidence to start achieving the goals in the career development life area.

Wreck in the Sea

Career Coaching

Initial intake meeting that will uncover the internal struggles that the client is facing alongside the job hunt through a series of intense career questions 

Interview Preparation

Preparation for the mock interviews that will showcase the strengths and weaknesses of the client to understand where they need to improve the most

Mock Interview #1

1st Mock Interview that will give insight to which of the common interview questions are giving the client the hardest time and how to answer them

Mock Interview #2

2nd Mock Interview that will give the client a chance to practice what they have learned over the month and to see how much their confidence has shifted 

Career Deep Dive

The Career Deep Dive will be the final session in the program that includes a full career roadmap and vision-setting presentation that encompasses all that we have covered together over the 5-weeks in a strategic recap with a comprehensive breakdown of what is next up for the client to do in their journey

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