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About The Career Island

My name is Andrea Logan and I am a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach that specializes in helping clients all over the world secure 6-figure remote work transitions.

I created the Career Island to teach the culture how to attract positions that completely change the trajectory of their lives by getting them out of poverty, debt free, and financially stable.

The water tastes better when people are valued and actually enjoy the work they do that allows them to fully provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Come break your generational curses on the island!

"It's not you, it's your resume."


Our Mission

Decrease the unemployment rate 

Our Values






About The Career Island

The reason people cannot get hired is because they do not know how to sell their skills.

I am a wayshower. I utilize my own journey as a inspirational light for others to see and learn about the limitlessness of life opportunities so that they may arrive to their own unique path. I inspire people to elicit change of their current circumstance through career development as I teach people all over the world "The Business of Getting Hired." Join me as I revolutionize the Resume Writing and Hiring Industry.

I unknowingly started a fully functional virtual career services business at the beginning of the Corona Virus Pandemic to help the culture learn how to transition to the Virtual Age (get a remote job) and stay safe while still employed. So many people were losing their jobs while I had many to choose from. I was trained to be a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach years before the lockdowns started in March 2020, but I was not providing any of those services to anyone. I would just talk about it because everybody that knew me already knew that I used to do career services. I was not utilizing ANY of my crafts when the virus broke out.

During the beginning of the pandemic, I was working as a teacher. Once the virus started to spread to my facility however, I decided to leave my full-time job as a daycare teacher because the school districts decided to not shut down. I quickly told my employers that I received the Corona (A LIE) and was that my "doctor" told me to go into an immediate 3-week quarantine. I was buying myself time so that I could find a new job completely from home.

Through my seasoned efforts and knowledge of how to get jobs, I got a LOT of offers at an almost alarming rate. I spent all Sunday night one weekend applying my own tips to my job hunt strategy for remote roles only and I woke up the next Monday morning with an email full of job offers. In these moments of success from betting on myself, I got the feeling that I was being led and that instead of just trying to get a new job for myself to make ends meet, I should try and help other people get hired.

With only my best friend Mataia's encouragement and support, I started showing my process to the people on Twitter and Instagram. I posted my tips and the success messages I would get from Recruiters and Hiring Manager, even the offer letters I would get. I documented everything from day 1 and like fire, job seekers came rushing at me from all over the world. I had to throw together the initial phases of getting a legitimate business off the ground. In September 2020, Mataia told me that I should start making TikTok videos with my resume tips to help get the word out there about my services and teach job seekers all over the world about the inside secrets of how to navigate and excel in The Business of Getting Hired. And let me tell you... THE BUSINESS HASN'T STOPPED BOOMING SINCE!

"You're just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle!"

Andrea Logan, Director of Career Services

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