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About the Career Island:

My name is Andrea Logan and I am a Professional Speaker, Resume Writer and International Career Coach that specializes in remote work transitions and career procurement for the Virtual Age.

I created the Career Island to teach the culture how to get worthwhile job positions that change the trajectory of their careers by getting them completely financially stable and out of poverty.

Come break a generational curse on the island!

"It's not you, it's your resume."

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Our Missions:

Break the chains of the 9-5 work week

Decrease the unemployment rate from home

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About The Career Island

The reason people cannot get hired is because they do not know how to write their resumes.

I am the wayshower to change all that and revolutionize the Resume Writing and Hiring Industry.

I started my Virtual Career Services Business in the middle of the Corona Virus Pandemic to help the culture learn how to transition to the Virtual Age and stay safe while employed from home. I was trained to be a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach years before the lockdowns started in March 2020, but I was not working in any of my crafts when the virus broke out. I decided to leave my full-time job as a daycare teacher after the school districts decided to not shut down and told my employers that I got the sickness (LIE) and was going to quarantine for 3-weeks that "the doctor" ordered so that I could take the time I needed to find a work-from-home job.

Through my efforts in getting myself hired so much and so rapidly, I accidentally built a successful business from the ground up. I used aggressive social media tactics to grow my marketing after I woke up one Monday morning with an email full of job offers. My best friend, Mataia, told me to start making TikTok videos with my resume tips so that I could show job seekers all over the world and the recently laid off the inside secrets of how to navigate and excel in the Hiring Industry.

Through my incredible journey and support... the new lifetime achievement is to decrease the unemployment rate as an International Speaker and lead the charge on uprooting the current system of career services departments in all colleges and improve the way students and job seekers procure work. This way they will know how to apply to jobs to get the jobs.

I was destined to shift the collective way that job seekers land their careers through my craft as the world's first Resume Artist. Through this new Virtual Age of remote work, digital nomads like myself, have broken the chains of the 9-5 work week and I hope to use my voice to spread this transformative how-to knowledge through professional development institutions and global seminars so that the future will be freer from depending on toxic work environments and non-livable wages. I aspire to keep growing my brand with my TikTok and turn all of our dream lives into tangible realities by creating systems that place the power back in the divine vision of the gifted and skilled worker.

"When you specifically target the career you want by embedding your professional resume with the keywords from the open job vacancy announcement, you will unlock the key to attracting more job opportunities and land a career you don't have to escape from."

Andrea Logan, Director of Career Services

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