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Break the chains of the 9-5 work week and go remote with us

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Your Dream Life Awaits

Thank you so much for being interested in our services!

Make sure that the moment you become a client and purchase a career package that you SIGN your terms & conditions agreement form ASAP  so that we may legally begin working on your assignment.

I am a 6-Figure Career Coach and Professional Writer here on the Career Island. I specialize in career procurement  for professionals that are interested in pivoting into 6-figure remote positions.

I provide my clients with virtual career services that help them on their transformational journeys because the vast majority of job seekers have NO idea how to navigate the current job market or what is actually going on

behind the scenes of the Hiring Industry.


I work with individuals of various skill levels and backgrounds across multiple industries all over the world. I have created and edited professional hiring documents for high school students, college graduates, professionals without any formal education, upper-level management, military personnel, and C-Suite Executives in every major industry. My resume writing process does NOT change no matter what the title of the job is or where the client is seeking employment because regardless I still need the most up to date resume and job description of interest to begin.


The Business of Getting Hired remains the same! We are marketing human capital labor to prospective buyers. If you want to get hired, you must learn how to sell yourself as human capital on paper, digitally, and inside of interviews.



The Career Island Resume Writing & Career Coaching Services Process:

1. Once you have purchased a Career Coaching service, you will receive The Career Island Welcome Packet with the Typeform intake form and terms & condition contract to sign from:

​*Please make sure that you send in your MOST up to date resume and that you DO NOT leave out any information that you want to see on your updated resume*


2. After the Job Matching Session, we will do heavy data analytics and technical research on the client's interested job vacancy announcements to gather information on the company, their culture, current projects, the CEO, Executive Staff, and the viewpoints of Decision-Makers that are currently on the inside of the desired organization to build a strong potential candidate profile through the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile optimization.


3. We embed the professional two-page resume template with essential keywords, targeted buzzwords, and compliant information from the provided job description. This ensures that the resume document has the highest chance of receiving callbacks and interviews at the company of interest with a strong strategic advantage against all other applicants. This entire process will make it appear as if the job description was written for the client.

All clients are made aware of the aggressive strategies that we use here (that have already been proven to work). Sending your tailored career documents as PDFs directly to the company's email address or to decision-makers at the desired companies and finding internal referrals at said company is the main procurement tactic that we advise clients to engage in to increase callbacks ratios, responses, feedback, and results.


There is no need to worry about any one ATS accepting or not accepting any particular resume format with this strategy as it bypasses having to rely on just the job portal to get hired since you're going directly to the source through the email and even DMs if you so choose. Plenty of clients have gotten hired from receiving messages from Recruiters that came across their finished LinkedIn Profiles as well (this alone indicates that there are ways to receive opportunities without stressing about any of the software used to track applicants).

Yes, the formats on the resumes tab here are ATS-compliant and have received callbacks before from previous clients.

No, just fitting an ATS is not going to guarantee a callback and there are companies that don't even use an ATS.


(if you disagree with this process or believe that this will not work for you...,



4. After the professional resume and matching cover letter documents are completed, I will deliver them to the client in Microsoft Word documents and PDFs (the resume will look drastically different than the one sent in by the client and will be specific in targeting the desired industry and the ONE specific job position that was initially provided).  

You know FULL WELL what the resumes we create look like because all the templates we use are on the resumed tab above and you have all opportunities to voice what you would like it to look like prior to it being completed. Make sure you do not allow yourself to be surprised if you have color/design preferences.

5. In the coaching session where we go over the new resume and LinkedIn Profile optimization

is when you will have the floor to ask any questions to gain more clarity regarding the delivered documents so that every section of your labor marketing material makes absolute sense. Once we get off the call, you are well within your ability and encouraged to immediately start applying for new roles and tweaking your resume Word Doc to match the job description titles, years of experience, and skills that are listed by the company.

LinkedIn is the #1 most used social media site for Recruiters and HR Authorities. They use it to fill positions for the jobs that they have available. Job seekers with LinkedIn Profiles are more likely to receive callbacks, interviews, and job offers because they appear to be more professional than candidates without fully optimized LinkedIn Profiles. Finding qualified candidates is one of the hardest parts of the job for Talent Acquisition Specialists and you can make your job hunt THAT much easier by showcasing to Decision-Makers that selecting your candidacy would be an easy win for THEM! Help them and yourself by making their job easier.


Make it EASIER on the Decision-Maker to see you as qualified by presenting yourself as their  ideal candidate that can make their company money, save their company money, and save their company time.


If you have any questions about the career services, please see the FAQ here. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, you may also try checking ALL my social media platforms for the answer (@andreaisawriter everywhere) or you may email  for the full PDF of the FAQ.


The answers will NOT be given for free because if we have to stop working on paid work to do free work, we waste the time of all the clients who already paid good money to get help, advice, and coaching  to get hired.


Follow in their footsteps!


"What if I don't get hired?" Keep applying until you do.

Check the applying strategies tab here and the blogs here for what to do if you "can't get hired" for more tips & tricks on how to successfully procure work and attract more job opportunities.


Dive into your next

career journey

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