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Break the chains of the 9-5 work week and go remote with us

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Thank you so much for being interested in our services!

Make sure that if become a client that you sign your terms & conditions agreement form ASAP so that we can start your assignment.

I am a Professional Resume Writer and Director of Career Services here on the Career Island. I specialize in career procurement and remote work transitions for professionals that are interested in landing 100% work-from-home careers or jobs that pay well in their industry.

I provide my clients with a wide range of virtual services that help them on their career journeys because the vast majority of job seekers have no idea about the secrets and inner workings of the Hiring Industry.

I work with all individual skill-levels, backgrounds, clients across a wide range of industries all over the world. I have created and edited professional hiring documents for high school students, entry-level college graduates, professionals without degrees, managerial workers, military personnel, and C-Suite Executives in every single job industry. The professional resume writing process never differs no matter what the title of the job is or where the client is seeking employment.      

The Professional Resume Writing Process:

1. Send in your most up-to-date resume along with 1-2 potential jobs that you are interested in here:

Make sure that you choose which resume template that you would like your professional resume designed after here on the Resumes Tab after payment.

You will only receive ONE resume that matches ONE of the links you send in. If you rush this process without paying a rush fee and before the listed turnaround time of 30 business days, your assignment will be pushed down to the BOTTOM of the client list. You agree to these terms when you purchase a resume service and received the FAQ in your email. Read it in full before you ask anything and do NOT rush us!

(your job link(s) could be direct URLs to the open job vacancy announcement that are posted on the job site or the descriptions from LinkedIn, Indeed, Google Job Ads, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Simply Hired, or anywhere else you find job openings on the internet. Social media hashtags such as #jobpost or #nowhiring are places to look as well.

-​Please make sure that you are sending your MOST up to date resume and that you DO NOT leave out any information that you want to see on your updated and professionalized resume profile. There will be a fee if we are asked to update any information that was not sent PRIOR to finishing the first rough drafts of the professional resume and cover letter document as formatting the template design is the most time-consuming part of the professional resume writing process.


2. We will do heavy data analytics and technical research on the client's interested job vacancy announcements to gather information on the company, their CEO, Executive Staff, and all the views of the Human Resources Authorities that are currently on the payroll.

3. We embed the professional two-page resume template with SEO-optimized keywords, targeted buzzwords, and ATS Software compliant information from the provided job description. This ensures that the resume document has the highest chance of receiving callbacks and interviews at the targeted company and has a strategic advantage against all the other potential candidates that apply to the same position. 

All paid clients are aware that the strategy that we use here that has been proven to work is emailing your PDF document of your resume and cover letter directly to the company's email address or decision-makers at the desired company. There is no need to worry about the ATS with this strategy as it bypasses relying on the job portal to get hired (if you disagree with this process or believe that this will not work, DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS!)


4. After the 1st ROUGH DRAFT is completed, I will send the 1st ROUGH DRAFT of the professionalized resume and cover letter documents to the client for viewing in Microsoft Word documents and PDF copies (the resume will look drastically different and be specific in targeting the industry and ONE specific position provided as most non-professionalized resumes are NOT tailored to fit the ONE job vacancy announcement which is the overall issue in getting the desired results)   

If you have a specific design or template in mind, MAKE SURE that you send in your ideas to or check the Resume tab above for the most popular custom design that previous clients have received job offers with. You know FULL WELL what the resumes we create look like and have all opportunities to voice what you would like it to look like prior to it being completed (30 business days at that). Make sure you do not allow yourself to be surprised if you have color preferences.

5. Once the newly updated and professionalized career documents are sent and read through, the client will be asked for their LinkedIn Profile credentials (we advise clients to create a temporary password) and then we will be able to transfer the optimized information to the site. The LinkedIn Profile Optimization helps clients increase and garner attention from the Recruiters and employers/HR personnel in their field that use the site to scout for talent.

LinkedIn is the #1 most used social media site for Recruiters and HR Authorities and they use it to fill open positions for the jobs that they have readily available for qualified candidates. Job seekers with LinkedIn Profiles are more likely to receive callbacks, interviews, and job offers because they appear to be more professional than candidates without fully filled out LinkedIn Profiles. Finding qualified candidates is the hardest part of the job for talent scouts and it is a big industry in Human Resources, so make it easier on them by presenting yourself as their ideal candidate.


If you have any questions about my career services, please see the FAQ tab. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, you may also try checking all my social media platforms for the answer, email for the PDF of the FAQ, or you can pay for a career consultation at the bottom of this page, but answers will NOT be given for free.


"What if I don't get hired?" Keep applying until you do.

Check the applying strategies tab under the resumes tab and my blog on what to do if you "can't get hired" for more tips & tricks on how to successfully procure work and attract more job opportunities. If you are struggling at receiving callbacks or finding meaningful work that pays well, I give free career and applying advice across all my social medias.

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