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How I Started My Business with Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

In March 2020 when the Corona Virus Pandemic broke out, I was playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and I was having the time of my life. Virtual reality became the norm and safe haven because there was nothing happening in our world but havoc. Everyday the death toll rose and more outbreaks were spreading to throughout the communities as my friends and I were on the Switch hour on the hour building our islands trying to escape the horror that was real life.

I was taking my switch with me to work, playing in the car while driving, and becoming more and more obsessed with constructing my island on the game to be as beautiful as possible because there was nothing else that I could curate and control with that much detail since everyday was a new movie of catastrophe surrounding us all. Within a couple months, I started realizing that I was having more fun building this virtual island than I was in my real day-to-day life.

I was being physically, emotionally, and mentally drained from all the major areas of my life and the only time I was finding glimpses of happiness was when I was playing Animal Crossing with my best friends. During the minimal times that I would pick up my phone to send or answer texts, I would reveal to my best friend, Mataia (also an avid Animal Crosser) , that I really wished that my life was setup like the game. My island was called Pa' lua lua Island and I was having a ball with her.

I wanted to be able to participate in society and with the "town folk" ONLY when I chose to. I dreamt of making money on my own will and terms, and through my own means so that I could spend the days just gardening, decorating, or chilling on the island without worries of what tomorrow would bring. I banked so many hours just planting flowers and I wanted it to be real.

There is a feature on the game where there are "meteor showers" and during the shower, your avatar can wish on stars. After you make your wishes all night, the next morning there will be wishing pieces and luxury items all over your beaches and you can use them for crafting expensive furniture for your home or to sell in the town's shop.

My friends and I would look up online who was hosting a meteor shower event so we could go get some good loot in the morning, but I was actually wishing on those stars in real life. I was wishing that my life would be exactly like the game, where I could do as I please and simulate a beautiful life for myself.

It was not an easy sailed sea to the life I created for myself that is now full of bliss. It took a handful of months throughout the summer of 2020 to start getting my life together in every which way. I ended up telling my previous employer that I caught the Corona (a bold faced lie) and that I needed to take a 3-week self-quarantine as recommended by my "medical professional."

It took me 21 days to come up with a plan on how I was going to get employed from home and never work outside in the virus ever again. I was never intending to start my own business and actually start living life like Animal Crossing as I do now on this virtual island paradise. My original plan was to just get ANY remote job that would cover my bills and wait out the pandemic, but I never believed in my talent as an entrepreneur until I had no other choice but to be successful.

I had previously been a Resume Writer and Career Coach in the past, but I had never wrote myself a my own Resume Writer resume and applied to jobs before because I never needed to. I have always been able to get jobs because I use my connections and get in quicker from the inside out through my friends (the best way to get hired is to have a connect on the inside). If you want to get hired faster than everyone else in the game, go get an internal referral from a current employee. That is another insider trick that I have picked up from before starting my own Career Consulting firm, get the hookup and don't feel bad about it. YOU HAVE BILLS!

Since I was working as a Teacher in the potty training class at a daycare when the lockdowns started, clearly the virus started spreading like wildfire. I ran out of options because I knew I could never return back to that place again since the management was trying to keep the outbreaks under wraps so that they wouldn't have to shutdown and lose money. After I faked my ailment, which was 100% believable since everyone else was walking out, getting sick, and quitting, I decided to just write myself multiple resumes and apply for EVERY open remote job that I could find and just see who would allow me to join their online team.

I was applying to jobs late all Sunday night one weekend during my time hiding from the daycare. They were not being forthright about the spread of the COVID going through the centers. The only reason I even knew about it was because of my friend who were still on the inside relaying information about the sickness and death.

I was fully checked out of ever returning by the time the kids were admitted back to school since the districts refused to shutdown either. Through my late night applying train on Sunday, I was finally blessed because as one door was sealed and sanitized shut, the floodgates of my crafted vision was unleashed upon me as I woke up Monday morning with an email full of job offers.

This was the moment that I realized that I could really create something substantial with my knowledge, experience, and talent that I accumulated from the Hiring Industry and Career Services company I used to work at. Soon after, I started going through my inbox and choosing which companies I wanted to take interviews at. I was reached out to from an old client that wanted to get 2 resumes from me and I completely paid all my bills off their package along. I never stepped foot back in that daycare again and was officially through with the 9-5 lifestyle. The underground beauty of the Resume Writing Industry is that it is high ticket out the door.

I had to get so many avenues of my life straightened out to get to this milestone in life as a successful business owner. Word of advice, if you want to grow in entrepreneurship? GET COMFORTABLE CUTTING PEOPLE OFF WITHOUT EXPLANATION. You need so much energy to be able to pull off self-made success so you cannot have anyone, thing, or 9-5 job draining you internal fountain of resources. The silence and block is all the explanation necessary because you will start soaring above and vibrating higher than most of the people you currently know. Many of your peers are currently holding you back and I shit you not... the moment I let go off all the toxicity once and for all? My manifestations were able to flourish and nourish me like I never could have ever imagined possible before. You will meet better people, trust me.

I was really born to be in control of my money and work completely for Self. As an Aries, it is a birth right for us to be owners because we do not dwell well as employees. Being told what to do just never sat right with my spirit, even as a kid, I always struggled with authority figures and following rules because they were not mine. It is the independence for me!

It takes a certain push to be able to break into the world of entrepreneurship because it is hard and not every energy is made for it, but if any sign can and should try everything possible to get to this point, it is Aries people. It is healing in every fiber of our being to be able to do absolutely everything we want to do whenever we want to do it. Remote work is also a newfound blend of health for me because I do not have to go anywhere else to make a living. I am now a brand, a social media influencer, a business owner, an Astrologist, and everything else I want to be.

I built my entire business around how I play, not just Animal Crossing, but every simulated reality videogame. I have always wanted to be able to just do me, make money from my crafts, and chill out when life got to be too much to handle. I am also a heavy Runescaper and am a level 70 priest and mage (I pray to protect myself from magic attacks but also use magic to fight). Strategy on 100 all day and I clearly am a Pokémon stan from the 90s. I like to walk around and do me always!

The Career Island is a manifestation of all my gifts, talents, and expertise because my business allowed me to escape the reality of living an unfulfilled life. I am completely satisfied with the way I generate income because when people spend money with me, they experience new job opportunities and more financial possibilities, which is a win-win in my opinion.

I have so many visions for my future and I have done the groundwork over the past 8 months with my business so that I can be this way-shower of the Virtual Age and decrease the unemployment rate from my remote island. You're just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle now.

Send in your most up to date resume here with links to open jobs:

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