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Get A Career Reading Before A Love Reading

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

I transform into the Career Priestess by moonlight. During the day, I write and design professional resumes as a Career Coach, but by moonlight, I read the stars for divine healing of the financial energy of my clients. You can also refer to me as a Careerologist because I use astrology to help people fine their most prosperous careers as well as tarot cards, charts, auras, etc.

I combine my technical expertise and talents in the hiring industry to get careers for myself and others with my spiritual gifts in reading energy to assist clients in finding or even curating the true career path that is not only more profitable but enjoyable for the querent. I give out opportunities in the form of job offers with my resumes and we develop the action plan to bring the dreams to reality so that they become tangible results.

One of my favorite questions to ask people, other than "what is your birthday?" is "what is your dream job?" I have found that a lot of people have never had the privilege of getting to daydream about a career that they would enjoy however. Throughout my work as a Career Coach and Professional Astrologist, I have had met many individuals that reveal that they have never had a "dream job," and that they just want to be able to support themselves and their loved ones. This is usually an indicator to me that they have never been able to relax enough in life from constant survival mode being locked into place. Everyone has a desire to do something worthwhile.

More often than not, these people have grown up in terrible conditions and have seen the horrors of poverty. People that have made it out of trauma are simply looking for a way of living that is sustainable and consistent, nothing too fancy, and definitely not the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but just an environment that ensures that they will never have to go hungry or meet the threat of being displaced from their home again. The dream is not to go broke!

There is no issue with not having a dream job, but I strongly suggest that all of us tap into the energy source of what we are good at or enjoy doing for the financial sector of this realm. We all must make some sort of material living in order to sustain the life. You may get the chance to create the dream or fall into your passion as I did. I was not intending to set sail on the sea of my destiny when I stopped showing up to my 9-5. I just wanted to work remotely inside my home.

As a Professional Resume Writer, I can tell you first hand that only about 2% of people that apply to jobs online receive the callbacks, interview, and job offer. The reason why that number is so low and why the majority of job seekers struggling at landing the jobs they apply to is because:

  1. They do not know how to write a professional resume

  2. They do not target a specific position/company

  3. The resume that they use to get hired undersells all of their skills

  4. They spread themselves very thin across the job market

  5. They have NO application strategies to procure the jobs they want

Most humans are under the impression that if they apply to a lot of different roles with their one resume that they BLAST out to the job atmosphere, that they cover more ground and thus be offered more job positions. However, this is a tactic that hinders job securement and success because resumes need to be specifically tailored to fit one job title, industry, and company and then edited each and every time it is used to procure a new position. Generic resumes do NOT work.

I usually come across clients that have some sort of idea of what their dream job would be or a career that they would like to do for the rest of their life, but they struggle in getting any opportunities in that field. This is where I swoop in to bless them with my magic.

It is just a fact that we are ALL just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle. You will open the door to so many previously missed career opportunities once you have a strategically tailored resume and cover letter. You will feel so much more confident when applying to jobs because you will look the part on paper and that is over half the battle. So many people in our society believe that they are unworthy of a great career that covers their entire cost of living because society does a good job at diminishing people's worth. People will be on the job market for so long that they truly feel as if they are "unhireable," when the truth is they just have a bad resume.

It is HARD to get a good job with a bad resume, fact. Many job seekers, especially recent graduates believe that they are not good enough to get a callback for a professional position that pays well. This is the infamous imposter syndrome that shows itself when we are filled with anxiety, self-doubt, and negativity from our environment that will keep up from the success that we all can ascertain and deserve if we start the shedding process for our transformation to allowing, breathing, and soaking in self-love.

Frequently, I have to do a little impromptu life coaching and confidence building on top of my career services because the general public commonly feels as if they would not be able to truthfully say that they are qualified for the positions that they are wanting to procure. Many audience members on social media comments reveal that "even if they were to get a callback for the positions that they want," they do not feel that they could pass the interview or do the work from lack of knowledge or qualification for the role. So then why did you apply to it...

IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO FIGHT FOR THE JOB YOU WANT, DON'T TRY TO GO AFTER IT. It makes no sense to me that people will want me to get them the job, but also argue me down about how they feel inadequate for it. The truth of the matter is, most people do not know how to do their jobs, even those with the degrees, training, and years of experience. Countless executives who are raking in billions of dollars yearly in their roles are without a care in the world that they have to outsource most parts of their business from lack of knowledge or time or even desire. Do you think every CEO built their own website or run their own social media accounts? They don't, they hire people like me to do it for them for a hefty price.

The CEO attitude of make the money now and learn the skill later is the type of attitude that I wish all of my colleagues had. It really does not matter if you feel as if you could do your job or not because you can learn how to do it after you land the position, get training, ask for help, or Google/YouTube what you lack as you shadow a current employee while collecting your check. There is never a good reason to forgo the funds you need to survive though.

I bleed for those that so desperately want something that their chemistry tells them that they are unable to get. The reason why I work so hard to try and get my information to the masses is so that young people who want to change their lives can see that it's available and worth it.

Being and inspiration and a light to emulate is such a new venture on my journey. Since I became a reader, I quickly realized that most people are not trying to fulfill their destiny though. I get a lot of querents coming to me to get love readings and it is not shocking because I understand that it is fun and exciting to see if you're compatible with your partner, but more often than not the energy is intense and does not turn out the way people expect.

A great word of advice is that if you're unsure enough to pay a stranger to tell you if you are with your soulmate... that is the best indicator of the "no." I can always tell how well the relationship is going just off the strength of how I am approached for the reading. Once someone gets my attention about being interested in getting a reading, the reading has already begun, whether they end up purchasing a service from me or not. I am picking up your energy and feeling you out as a potential client to better assess the situation and aura that I will be sharing.

When young people are in traumatic relationships and try to get a love reading, it immediately sounds off as alarming and I quickly will start feeling a psychic drain because I feel bad for them. You do NOT need to and should not spend your money to ask a reader if the person who is treating you poorly is the love of your life. They aren't. I prefer to read off the cards to save my energy, but also to save everyone's time. It is clear as day that there is something going on that should be asked to either the partner in question or a licensed therapist and mental health professional, which is not I.

There is so much life to taste and experience. It does not have to be filled with deceit, settling, and traumatic experiences at all. The life you are intended to lead will not beg you to continue cycles of abuse, especially not with a partner that does not value your highest and truest Self.

I promote my Career Readings the most for my divination services because I want to guide all souls to a more prosperous future that can be enjoyed with fruitful relaxation at the end of the days. More specifically, I want to be a beacon of hope for the feminine energies of this realm so that they can use my career journey as a light to fully realize their potential and divinely given talents in this lifetime. We can all feed off each other to hone and breed our skills to enhance the way we generate material funds and support our desired lifestyles.

We do not have to monetize every single one of our gifts, but I frequently come across many women who let it be known that they feel completely and utterly worthless. Too many people speak about themselves in a way that highlights the false notion that they are not special, skilled, or unique in any way and this is so confusing to my core. You can pretty much do ANYthing.

It is disheartening to constantly hear people block their own blessings with their self-made wall of excuses or insecurities. So many of the souls in this life come up with a Christmas list of reasons to back the claim that they will never be able to become successful off their own merits. I have learned to not allow that type of thinking enter or penetrate into my energy field because I have overcome that type of thinking and completely transitioned into a different mindset and need not divulge into a slump of self defeat any longer because I live and breathe on the other side of it.

I know first hand that putting yourself out there for the world to scrutinize is a daunting idea to play around with in the mind's eye, but sitting back on the sidelines and watching other people receive their blessings while sulking about not getting any of your own isn't a past time that I allow myself to partake in anymore. I go out there and apply pressure behind my dreams daily, but if you struggle with determining what your dreams are... this is your sign for a career reading.

Time and time again, people are telling me that they do not know what they want to do. That is the reason why they aren't getting callbacks and job offers either because those that do not know WHAT they want to do are NOT able to specifically target any one job title, position, or company and they go on to create subpar/generic resumes.

When people tell me that they are unsure of themselves or their desires for a career path, I immediately ask them what their birthday is and try to suck out their birth time in the same breath. This way I can checkout their star patterns for a mental career reading just for my own knowledge. You may not know what you want to do in life, but you energy already does and I would like to know as well for pleasure of the craft. I utilize the Midheaven in all my Career Readings because this is the placement that will show where the soul should lean towards in order to unlock prestige, success, and prosperity.

The Midheaven is the placement in the 10th House in the birth chart that rules the career and status. It also incorporates the ambitious nature of the energy being read and it shows how to reach the desired recognition, reputation, and fully realized identity inside the community.

THESE are the types of readings that bring me joy and give hope for a brighter future for my own self and those that I am reading for because together we get to unfold the star path that will increase the true purpose of the querent.

So many times I will meet souls that don't believe they will be able to affect the world in an influential way, but the Midheaven gives me a quick cheat sheet of ideas that align with hidden abilities, gifts, talents, skills, interests, wants, and desires. I seldom ever meet anyone that does not resonate with their Midheaven placement in their birth chart or receives a Career Reading and isn't moved by Spirit's message in some way.

This transition of star knowledge is much more sacred than a love reading, specifically for young people because we often get wrapped up in being a good partner for anyone and everyone, but the true warrior in Self. We constantly try to provide and be the perfect mate, but often I see us lose ourselves on the path to perfection as it does not exist here. Many feminine energies get stuck into their roles of mother and/or wife and miss out on developing the self identity so it fades to the background over time. My career readings highlight the creation of happiness in destiny.

Those that are able to find the wholeness that lies inside themselves and begin the stride of walking in their purpose are more adequately able to attract the energies that they desire to combine a soul tie with. When we align to what is ours, we unlock those destiny bonds that would have previously been blurred if seen from undeveloped eyes with unprepared energy to accept.

I cater to the young souls that have been aimlessly searching for their identities because I have seen that all the answers have always been alive somewhere deep within us and reveal themselves the moment we are ready to be still enough to hear them.

I advise each and everyone one of us ask for guidance in traveling to your purpose as the journey can be a ride for the Goddesses and is often a lonely road at the beginning when you embark. If you would still like a love reading, first try ASKING YOUR PARTNER all the questions you want to ask the cards before paying to find out what you already know.

Send in your most up to date resume here with links to open jobs:

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