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Careerology by the Career Priestess

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

On top of all the other jobs that I do daily, I am also a Professional Astrologer. I do birth charts and tarot readings, as well as dream interpretations amongst other mystical things because I truly enjoy tapping into the subconscious mind of others and now, finally, my own with therapy.

I officially started my journey with the stars in 2017 when I discovered that there is a whole new world out there that dived deeper into the occult than just the average horoscope articles in magazines. I had always been interested in the sky and saw many symbols of my life now as a kid through instances of foreshadow so this was always my destined path and it's very fun here.

I was clearly interested in compatibility and finding out which sign meshes well with the next, but one day in February I wanted to know more about how similar Aries were with Scorpios because I started liking a boy who just so happened to be born on Halloween and it changed my entire perspective on what astrology could do for me as a reader. From that moment on when I found this website ( I was hooked on star phonics. I no longer cared about names anymore, just give me your full birth time, day, and location and let's make some magic.


I am a Chartist, a Birth Chart Artist and it is my favorite way to divine because you can see absolutely everything and the entire path of the soul's energy. We are all made up of star matter and the way I explain this to new comers is that, "your mother's vagina is a portal and you arrived here with more prominent star matter of the planet that rules your sun sign." Let's say you are an Aries, like me, we were thrusted into this realm while the sun was in Mars, so we have more particles and atoms from Mars making up our genetic code than all the other people who were not blessed to be born at the start of the zodiacal calendar.

This is all astrology is and it is everything. You will get to tap into and see EVERYTHING and I was born nosey, so I love how open others immediately become once they know I am a reader (sometimes too open honestly). The driving factor to why I am obsessed with my gifts in speaking the star language is because everyone has a birthday: it is very communal to be a part of this world and see how we all have similarities. Insider tip: The ones who bash astrology and deny it are MORE likely to be the poster child for their sign than someone who is indifferent or chill about it. Most people struggling with their negative attributes hate to hear criticism that is relatable.