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Career Readings

Director of Career Services by day, Birth Chart & Tarot Card Reader by night


Throughout our time here on the Earth plane, many of us will question our purpose and ask "which path is the correct one for me?" Sometimes we feel as if we are in a chaotic crisis to figure our own self out and even feel lost/stuck when we cannot seem to answer these internal questions about purpose, path, and what we should do with the life that we have. 

If you are one of these souls that feel a pull towards something else that you have never experienced yet in this realm and would like to hear your spirit speak for more guidance towards a harmonious, aligned, and prosperous future, you have stumbled upon your next phase.

What is a career reading?

A deep dive into your purpose to uncover your journey and next steps for prosperity

I am a Professional Career Astrologist and Reader. My gifts in the subconscious realm go hand in hand with my career craft as I study the hiring industry and train job seekers all over the world on how to market themselves as valuable human capital.

I am seasoned in the art of Career Procurement and utilize Spirit to gain a deeper soul understanding of where my client's are currently at on their journey to self-actualization. I utilize my gift of knowing (claircognizance) and talents in astrology, energy healing, and interpretation of the subconscious realms to help clients uncover their own truth and see the path that has been calling out to them so that they can make clearer choices about their next steps moving forward.

There are certain aspects in the Birth Chart and in the Tarot that specifically talk about career success, ambition, work ethic, drive, achievement, wealth, status, legacy, etc. I hone in on these areas while assessing the current energy of the client to assist in the opening of consciousness and I bring forth a brighter light to shine on more successful pathways for them.

How does this all work?

Through specific tools (charts, stars, cards, crystals) and visions, I can interpret energy

I use birth chart information (full date of birth, time, and location) to look up the map of the sky the moment you entered this realm through your Mother's portal and then I will start reading the symbols of the chart. We are all made up of atoms and star matter that create the celestial body that houses our soul's being during the physical life.

The birth chart can give insight to what you came here to do and experience during your current existence as well as personality indicators that can demonstrate where you are best suited in terms of business, labor, and financial growth. The cards, however, will help give a day to day understanding of where the flow of your energy is presently at and how it is shifting the moment we pull for your reading.

I will specifically target and hone in on the placement of the querent's Midheaven in the birth chart because this is the aspect that focuses on how the querent wants to be perceived and acknowledged in this life, their ambition, status, prestige, success, recognition, reputation, and the soul's identity within the community. The planets, placements, transits, and surrounding area in synastry of the Midheaven gives astronomical insight to the trajectory of success for the querent with possible avenues to align with for abundance.