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Career Readings

Dive into the depths of your energy and connect with me on the spiritual plane


I open up sacred spaces for job seekers to energetically understand where they are currently aligned and misaligned in their lives.


Many people come to readers for quick fixes, confirmation, and help with making big decisions, but I offer visions that shed light on the deeper meanings of the hopes and dreams of the querent that they have buried in secrecy and darkness from others. We will be taking a look at what is spiritually needed to consider and understand in order to integrate into new pathways.

Through the gift of true inner knowing, I conduct introspective sessions with clients that are looking for crystal clear clarity and actionable steps to achieving desired career outcomes. Together, we can sort out dissonance and bring in more harmony to your abundant experience.

I feel lost

I am stuck

Something is missing

I want guidance

How will I know if a reading is right for me?

Many spiritual job seekers

  • do not connect well in corporate environments

  • believe nobody knows what they go through

  • always put others first and themselves last

  • want to find their passions, but don't start

  • worry that they can't make a gifted living

  • do not know how to ask for spiritual help

  • have no clue who to reach out to

  • lack faith in their job abilities​​

  • sit and suffer in silence

  • think they are crazy


Find Your Clarity

Schedule a Career Psychic Call with me today and discover how to course correct into full integration

A 90-minute psychic intuitive reading that focuses on clearing misalignments and channeling spiritual guidance for congruent career development coaching 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a career reading?

A career reading is a conversation through spiritual tools based around your work life history.



I am a Professional Astrologist and Tarot Reader. My gifts in the subconscious realm go hand-in-hand with my career coaching craft as I study the hiring industry and train job seekers like you how to fully know their labor value and market themselves as high-dollar human capital.


I am seasoned in the art of Career Procurement and utilize Spirit to gain a rich understanding of where my clients are on their journey to complete self-actualization. I utilize my gift of knowing (claircognizance) and talents in intuitive healing, energy work, and the interpretation of subconscious realms to help you uncover your truth and see the path that has been calling out to you for so long. This understanding helps in the overall decision-making process towards clear choices and actionable next career steps.

How does this all work?

My work is done through the interpretation of client energy and connecting intuitive patterns.


I use birth chart information (full date of birth, time, and location) to look up the map of the sky the moment you entered this realm through your Mother's portal and then I start reading the symbolic nature of relationships calling out to me in your chart. We are all made up of atoms and star matter that create the celestial body that houses our soul and keeps it in integrity during the physical life on earth.


The birth chart can give us insight to what you came here to specifically experience during this embodied existence as well as the personality indicators that demonstrate where you are best suited in terms of business, labor, and financial growth.


The tarot cards can assist in giving us a day-to-day understanding of where the flow of your energy is at in the present moment of the pull and the shuffle, direction, and layout of the spread will show the story of your current energy shifts.

I specifically take interest and account of how you want to be perceived and acknowledged in this life: your ambition, status, prestige, success, recognition, reputation, and the identity within your community so that we can align you further into avenues of abundance.