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What You Will Find When Visiting The Career Island

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

You're only a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle. This is my motto and business philosophy because not only is it completely true, but it has been proven to be work for not only myself, but for the clients and followers that I have served thus far. This success is replicable.

The Career Island is a Virtual Career Services company and platform where you can gain the tools to procure your dream job, no matter what it is or the industry that it is in.

I am a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach that specializes in remote work transitions for the new Virtual Age that we are currently living in. I have been a professional writer for many years, but through the Pandemic I started using strategic social media marketing techniques to grow my following and make a name for my craft in the digital streets in order to reach the masses about how to get and stay hired.

The reason why it is so hard for the vast majority of people to get hired is because they are applying to positions with a poorly constructed resume that I like to call, "trash" because that is where MOST resumes will end up. The HR Managers are throwing your resume away because it did a poor job at convincing them and the ATS that you are the right fit for the job.


Over 77% of job seekers NEVER hear back from the companies that they apply to because their resume disqualified them from getting a callback. Across the board, the average person no matter their background, industry, or experience level has NO IDEA how to properly format a professional career document to be attractive to Human Resources Authorities.

Years ago, I was trained by a seasoned Hacker and Tech Guru on how to use Microsoft Word front and back, as well as how to construct military and civilian resumes. I used to be the Lead Writer at a career services company because I have been skilled in the art of writing since I was a child, but I never imagined that I would become a full-time Career Coach.