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What You Will Find When Visiting The Career Island

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

You're only a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle. This is my motto and business philosophy because not only is it completely true, but it has been proven to be work for not only myself, but for the clients and followers that I have served thus far. This success is replicable.

The Career Island is a Virtual Career Services company and platform where you can gain the tools to procure your dream job, no matter what it is or the industry that it is in.

I am a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach that specializes in remote work transitions for the new Virtual Age that we are currently living in. I have been a professional writer for many years, but through the Pandemic I started using strategic social media marketing techniques to grow my following and make a name for my craft in the digital streets in order to reach the masses about how to get and stay hired.

The reason why it is so hard for the vast majority of people to get hired is because they are applying to positions with a poorly constructed resume that I like to call, "trash" because that is where MOST resumes will end up. The HR Managers are throwing your resume away because it did a poor job at convincing them and the ATS that you are the right fit for the job.


Over 77% of job seekers NEVER hear back from the companies that they apply to because their resume disqualified them from getting a callback. Across the board, the average person no matter their background, industry, or experience level has NO IDEA how to properly format a professional career document to be attractive to Human Resources Authorities.

Years ago, I was trained by a seasoned Hacker and Tech Guru on how to use Microsoft Word front and back, as well as how to construct military and civilian resumes. I used to be the Lead Writer at a career services company because I have been skilled in the art of writing since I was a child, but I never imagined that I would become a full-time Career Coach.

I got that job from randomly applying to Administrative Assistant jobs late on Indeed one night, but I honestly believe in divine timing and following the destined path. This pathway was designed for me long before I even knew it, but it took two years to clear my own vision enough to see what was sitting in front of me this entire time since I started that first initial Resume Writer job.

It changed my entire life before I even knew it. I found out all the ins and outs of the Hiring Industry while working there because it was my job to get clients hired into their various fields and positions of choice with the resumes that I was creating for them. All day long I would have meetings with various Subject Matter Experts in every job industry all over the country. Back then, I was gearing up for this Remote Work Boom happening now because the company I worked for had mainly out of state clients and we would facilitate phone meetings for the career services.

This training prepared me to start my business all along and I was not aware, but in hindsight, I was like a sponge in there soaking up all the knowledge that was being thrown at me. I believed that I could run the business better than the owner since I was the fresh new face in the office and knew way more about graphic design, social media, and how to build relationships. I was technically the diet social media manager there as well since I was creating content and posting my graphic flyers to their platforms and creating a few waves on the web for them. I was able to boost audience engagement metrics and get more eyes on the company's social media profiles, so it was only through fate that I was easily able to replicate that success for my own business.


This is the message that I want to spread and get into the heart's and minds of all young professionals that aren't being paid their worth now currently where they work. If you are able to do it well for someone else, you can 1000% do it for yourself and refine it to fit your thoughts, hopes, and dreams in a way that will feed your soul and then make it blow online. You can turn your talents into a full-time career and start providing for yourself in a way that your current and future employers never will.

I have always wanted to do whatever I wanted without having to take into account what someone else has to say. Working under someone else had always been an issue for me because I like to make my own decisions and have full creative control of what is going on. That was the issue I faced when I worked as an employee: I could never do exactly what I wanted because I was not the leader in those atmospheres.

The Career Island is completely different than any other company structure that I have come across because it is completely run and operated by yours truly. I am also a Professional Astrologist and I assist my star aligned clients in finding their purpose with my Career Readings. Sometimes people reach out to me to gain insight on "what they should be doing" and that is perfectly fine. I find that many already have an inkling or pull to their destiny since the energy surrounding a person is unable to lie. I am able to assess the subconscious and fully detail out the destined career journey for those who are interested and willing to put their faith in my full talents in writing and reading.

On the Career Island, you will find the tools necessary to procure and start your next career journey, no matter what it is that has been in your imagination. Now, we can make it a reality because you're just a resume away from it. All you need is a professionalized resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile if you are trying to strategically and successfully get placed into a worthwhile career. Even clients that are interested in the entertainment lifestyle can utilize my services: I help models, artists, musicians, YouTubers, and other creatives in the content space set up digital media kits to send to brands, organizations, and institutions in their social industries as well. You can exponentially decrease your job search time when you appear like the ideal candidate on paper and with your digital portfolio.

When I apply to jobs with my resumes and utilize the tips & tricks that I provide to all my clients and followers, I receive about 6-7 callbacks a day for the various positions that I applied to the Sunday night of that week. It takes the average job-seeker in the United States almost 4 full months (or more depending on a variety of other variables) to fully replace employment. That statistic is wild beyond belief to me because I not only have a lot of different job titles that I perform for other companies, I change and replace jobs all throughout the month simply because I can. I am not tied down to any one job or company because I have completely taken the power out of the employer's hands (and I have my own business to run that does very well).

You do not need to remain unemployed for longer than 2-3 weeks at most. I have applied to jobs and heard back from the Decision-Makers of the companies in less than an hour before and document this type of quick feedback and success across my social medias. There are so many opportunities to gain financial freedom when you 1) work from home 2) only procure remote jobs and 3) apply with professionalized resumes because you are not confined to a physical location and you can take on as many jobs as you can handle since you are no longer trading time for money. It takes non-professionals SO long to find work because they are applying with generic resumes that get tossed into a digital garbage can.

I utilize my platform and virtual island to be the way-shower for other creatives that are interested in achieving success doing something that they enjoy and are good at. You can copy my entire company model to gain the tips and tricks on how to get a job, start your own virtual business, facilitate freelance work, become a digital nomad, or even monetize your own social media sites so that you can start creating financial freedom from inside your own home.

I believe that it is my purpose in this life to help decrease the unemployment rate and I have been able to use my voice to do so for people all over the world. During the lockdowns inside my apartment alone, I decided to learn as many new skills as possible so that I could become talented in all the spheres necessary to grow my platform and reach across the waters with my craft. I have been able to provide for myself ever since I started paving my own way and it is a joy to teach others that they are just a resume away from the rest of their lives.

Send in your most up to date resume here with links to open jobs:

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