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Inside Secrets of the Hiring Industry and How to Procure Work

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

There are so many key elements to getting hired that the majority of humans have no idea about because the majority of humans do not work in Human Resources or Career Services. The Hiring Industry has so many loops that they throw at potential candidates for a myriad of reasons, but the main one is that it is an elitist society.

The truth is, you have to create your dream job and work to achieve success in attracting it because they do not come easy. Those who are not willing to learn how to play the mind games with employers often struggle in within their job search efforts because MOST open positions aren't posted online, they are left for internal hires or inside connections. People in Human Resources have many job duties throughout their day and many times getting around to posting that the company has an open position available doesn't make it online and gets left for the employees to spread the word and bring in a hire from their network.

It can be extremely hard and almost impossible to get into highly profitable workspaces without top-notch networking skills or professional applying strategies because there is a lot of gatekeeping going on in the candidate selection process. The EASIEST way to get hired is to get an internal connection on the inside to refer you to the Decision-Makers because their word or voucher of you is going to hold more value/weight to the company as a current employee.

I have made it my mission in this life to decrease the unemployment rate from home because I know how to get jobs better than anyone else. I am innovate, creative, and driven enough to not give up on my goal as an expert in Career Procurement. I make a game out of job hunting because it is now fun to see how many callbacks and interviews that I can get when using my professional resumes. I am the Master Job Huntress that is out on the prowl and seeking the most valuable target to take down. I scope out the job market like a digital spy and do hard data analytics on which companies and job titles have the most money to give.

When you are beginning a new job search, you need to find out which companies are hiring, which roles they have available, what types of people are on the Executive Board, and what values are they interested in because you are going to want to embed your resume with keywords that match the job description, but also the mission statement of the company you choose to apply to. Here are some tips & tricks that I use when digging up information on companies:

  • Find the employer's social media profiles to see what they talk about/share online

  • See what the demographics are in the Executive Board (would you fit in?)

  • Look up how much their services are and how much they pay employees in your role

  • Connect with the company and current employees on LinkedIn Profile

  • Google the name of the CEO and put the word "email" in quotes like this

Your goal in the job search is to STAND UP AND STAND OUT so if you can make yourself look like the person that the company is looking to hire on paper and with your LinkedIn, feel free to email your professional resume and cover letter directly to the company (you will find the contact email on the company's website on their contact page).

It is true what they say, it is not about what you know, it is about who you know. I have worked in the Human Resources Industry for the majority of my life and one of the biggest takeaways from my experience in Corporate America is that anybody can get hired anywhere, as long as they know the right person and try to get in at the right time. Some of it is luck, a lot of it is timing, but MOST of it is connection.

These companies have MONEY. They have enough funds to give raises to everyone and pay livable wages to all their employees, but many do not because they are not required to and the majority of workers are conditioned to be complacent in their wages. There is a mindset across the masses that getting paid at all is better than not having any job (this mindset will keep you broke). A company that sees value in you does not need to have an open or posted job vacancy announcement to hire you, I have seen many job seekers get offered positions from just sending in their professional resume that attracted the eyes of a Decision-Maker at the company of interest. If they like what they see, they will make room for you. They have the budget to cut you in on the check if they can be persuaded that you will be a good return on investment and assist them in generating even more funds.

Even initial rejection letters can become offers simply from giving some pushback on the employer. If you applied to a job and receive a rejection letter, reply back and ask them to tell you what the issue was with your application or interview. Get them to explain to you what you can improve upon and let them know that you are still interested in the company. Tell them to take a second look at your work and show them that they made a mistake. This is exactly what I have done before in the past and have turned many initial rejection letters into offers because I am good at what I do and know how to play the game. You never know what the company is currently needing at that moment, you may be a perfect fit for another role that they have available, but you will never know unless you press them on it and apply with pressure.

When you assert yourself and try harder than the rest of the pack of potential candidates, you are showing a tenacious skill set that many employers admire. Not giving up on the things you want looks better than just accepting defeat and letting opportunities fall away. You can do many things to get noticed from the right people and hired online.

I always incorporate a LinkedIn Profile build and optimization in my career packages as well as doing free TikTok tutorials on how to set up the All-Star status on the platform. I have received many job offers from Recruiters on LinkedIn that use the site because my profile is appealing, attractive, and garners the right type of attention that I want. My 2nd job was offered to me on LinkedIn from a Recruiter who enjoyed my content and I am now a Resume Coach for their tech company and make $40/hr assisting the student's in the tech sales program on how to build a successful resume. Over 87% of Recruiters use LinkedIn to scout for talent and candidates with optimized LinkedIn Profiles receive better career opportunities than those who are not on the site or appear like active users.


Secrets of the Hiring Industry:

Secret #1: Humans do not read your resume, a software called an ATS scans it for matching keywords from the job vacancy announcement. If you do not learn anything at all in this life, make sure you engrain this one fact into your brain if you are a current job seeker... your resume will not be seen by the Human Resources Authorities that assess potential candidate applications unless it has the same skills, qualifications, and requirements as the listed open job vacancy announcement that the company posts online.

If you are worried about your resume not fitting the ATS, you can send your resume directly to the Decision-Makers through the email (even then, they may not open your email, but I have received many callbacks from sending my resume to the company email address rather than solely relying on the submission through the job site).

ATS stands for applicant tracking system and that is exactly what it does. It tracks applicants and makes it easier for the Decision-Makers to see which candidates have resume profiles that make them appear qualified for the open role that they posted and have a vacancy for. This means that if you want a chance at getting a callback, YOU MUST tailor the resume that you send to the company to MATCH the open job vacancy announcement almost exactly or your resume will disqualify you from being hired immediately upon pressing send. This system does not mean that everyone that fits is qualified or a good fit for the role or will even be called back, but those that do NOT fit, most definitely will not be getting increased opportunities from their generic resume.

The system is flawed. The reason why the Hiring Industry introduced ATS Softwares into the hiring process is because of the adaption of technology allowing candidates to "one-click apply all" to multiple positions and the sheer number of candidates any one potential job opening receives on the backend. It makes the candidate selection process that much more tedious for Decision-Makers and they have other jobs to do at their companies that include, interviewing, onboarding, training, payroll, regulatory compliance, paperwork, employee reviews, and firing amongst the others. HR is not on the side of the employee or candidates to become employees, they are just doing their job and that entails being under the supervision of their employer. It is not in their best interest to try and make the hiring process easier on the job seeker, they are trying to make it easier on themselves and their bosses. So tighten up or don't apply!

Any single job post can have 200-1000+ applications sent into it because the average job-seeker is trying to cut down on the time it takes to look for and apply to jobs. Going through hundreds of resume applications for potential candidates who have a resume that is nowhere near relevant to the job title or company wastes a lot of time for Human Resources professionals. The goal in hiring is to get a new employee hired and trained as quickly as possible so they can fill the vacancy and start making the company the money that they have been missing out on and increase net profit.

Companies that have open vacancies lose about $4,000 each day that there is not a warm body filling that position. Humans literally are capital to businesses and hiring provides them with more money, but because there are too many applications to go through, applicant tracking systems were added into the framework of the candidate selection process to increase efficiency and time management metrics for Human Resources Departments across the world.

Secret #2: Over 90% of the fortune 500 companies utilize an ATS Software in their hiring process. The only way to ensure that you hit every essential target while job searching in the modern Hiring Industry to increase your callback ratios is to tailor your resume to match each open job vacancy announcement every time you apply to a new position. This means if you are applying to 15 jobs, you should have 15 different variations of your resume document that has the specific skills, qualifications, and requirements that are called for on the job description. This not only helps you fit the ATS Software's checkpoints, but it makes you stand out as the most qualified candidate for the job to the eyes of the employer.

Secret #3: Your resume is not for you. It is yours, but it is NOT for you because you are not sending it to yourself or hiring yourself. The resume is for the employer, so it should be written in the eyes of the beholder (the HR Manager). You are trying to peak their interest and impress them, not your own ego. Just listing that you have worked before, cleaned up a store, and went to school is not going to persuade someone into wanting to give you a high-level position. Many job seekers believe that the resume is just supposed to detail out what they used to do, but you are supposed to write your resume for the job you want, not the jobs that you have had before.

Secret #4: Resumes that are two-pages and have a visually appealing design/format layout receive more callbacks, interviews, and job offers than the typical one-page black and white template that is very common because they stand out. When everyone else is trying to fit in, you are encouraged to stand out. People in HR (mainly older professionals who have not job searched since the 90s) will tell you that you cannot have color on your resume, but they are wrong and ignorant on how the times have changed with the Virtual Age and advancements in technology.

Secret #5: If you are struggling to figure out what kind of design you should have for your resume, a trick that I use that works very well that I originated as the world's first Resume Artist is to copy the brand identity and colors of the desired company's website. Make your resume look like you are a previous employee of the company (you can even embed their logo into the document on Microsoft Word to help you stand out and assimilate into the company culture on paper.


If you do not follow this advice, it is going to be a difficult task for you to find worthwhile positions in a shortened time frame. Get started crafting your next career journey with us.

Send in your most up to date resume here with links to open jobs:

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