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LinkedIn DMs Script

LinkedIn DMs Script

This is a fill in the blank LinkedIn Messenger DMs Script that job seekers can use to reach out to prospective buyers of labor and Decision-Makers (Recruiters and Hiring Managers) on LinkedIn after they apply to their open roles on company websites.


Every single time I apply to a new role, I try to find a contact on the Hiring Team on LinkedIn and cold message them with this script to let them know that I applied through their career portal. I get great feedback with this script in particular because it gets RIGHT to the point and cuts out the fluff.



The script:


  • Greets the Recruiter
  • Tells them that you've already applied to their open role
  • Includes the URL link to the open role on their company's career portal
  • Articulates that you have the years of experience that the job post calls for
  • Spells out that you have the listed skills that they are seeking
  • Ends with the contact information to get back in touch with you ASAP
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