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The Career Cruise Line

Lock in for the next 4 months with me as your captain and guide into 6-figure remote positions.


This long-term private coaching program is going to help you fully undergo the internal transformations that you have been hesitant about and avoiding, thus prolonging your job hunt. Coming here means you have reached the finish line of excuses and are ready to change your life!


The Career Cruise Line is structured in an accountable way that actually addresses the root cause of the uncertainties about your skills, experiences, and abilities. Together we can release the feelings of stagnancy and hopelessness that you have encountered alone in the job market. 

Stressed out mentally and physically while the cost of living rises?

Frustrated about the amount of time wasted on resume applications?

Invisible from being ghosted by Recruiters after interviews?

Dissatisfied because you're trying hard and not moving forward?

How has the job hunt made you feel?

"Imposter-syndrome can only stop me if I give it the power to stop me"

The value of your labor

Learn how to stop rejecting yourself from jobs!

The job hunt process brings up self-worthiness conversations:

  • "Am I good enough?"

  • "Will they like me?"

  • "What if they say no?"

  • "Do I even have the skills to do this new job?"

Each week, we are going to confront the intrusive and self-sabotaging thoughts that have been holding you back from high salaries and affirm your intrinsic and labor value with internal validation techniques.

  • "I have been good enough for all my previous new positions..."

  • "People have liked me at new jobs before..."

  • "What if they say yes right away..."

  • "I can learn new skills again..."

Porthole View

What to Expect


Career Confidence




Work/Life Balance


Personal Time


Peace of Mind

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Cruise Ship

You're Invited to Apply!

The investment is $3999 in full or $1050 in 4 month installments on a payment plan.

Never waste your time inside the job market again

These immersive coaching sessions are geared to make you efficient as human capital and expand your understanding of your value, so you can leverage your labor in a highly capable and expensive way without missing out on any more opportunities.


Through 1:1 weekly accountability meetings, deep personal attention, and trial until success check-ins, we will uncover where your real career fears stem from and challenge their validities with acknowledgement and self-esteem building tools.

Client Results

Put yourself in previous client shoes and try on the idea of you finally achieving your career goals


Multiple 6-Figure Remote Offers


100% Flexible Schedules


Frequent Traveler Lifestyle

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Overseas Opportunities


Becoming Debt-Free


Brand New Cars & First Homes

Ship Deck

Our Clients Say

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Join the Career Cruise Line

Get started on the rest of your life by signing up for this career program so you can no longer feel like it is "impossible" to make over 6-figures 

Sailing on Sea

Why invest in this program?


To earn more money


To reclaim your time


To make job hunts easy


To alleviate stress


To gain real confidence

The outline of your next 4 months:

For remote job seekers that are TIRED of hearing crickets after applying

to jobs and going on interviews.

Week 1: Job Matching

You will understand your actual interests and transferable skills, then receive a customized list of aligned titles and fields

Week 3: Resume Delivery

Your new resume, cover letter, & LinkedIn profile optimization will be sent with a full Q&A to ensure quality and understanding

Week 5: LinkedIn Professional

While integrating new applying methods, we will be consistently increasing activity and engagement on your LinkedIn profile

Week 7: Salary Scenarios

We will practice many styles of reaching compensation compromises and learn how to start/handle money conversations

Week 9: Industry Interview

I will curate interview questions related to your chosen job title and industry as we cover how to formulate industry answers

Week 11: Mock Interview #2

This will be your opportunity to put all that we have covered so far into practice and sharpen your career story and sales pitch

Week 13: Work Your Network

I will teach you how to easily reach out to your network for more info, referrals, and job information to increase connectivity

Week 15: Cruise Line RESULTS!

The final meeting is going to be a fully embodied celebration of your new life, transformation, mindset, & job prospects

Week 2: Career Mindset

Here we will explore what you think about your labor value and start reprogramming your validation system with empowerment

Week 4: Application Strategies

Applying tactics will be given and then implemented into your new application process with a trackable spreadsheet

Week 6: Interview Preparation

Together, we will be reforming the way you answer common interview questions and building out your sellable career story

Week 8: Check-In

After a solid month of applying, we will check your entire process and progress then determine course correction plans

Week 10: Mock Interview #1

This mock interview session will allow you to be put in a real-life scenario of having to navigate the energy of your interviews

Week 12: Progress Reporting

We will explore your full progress over the last 3 months in a detailed analysis of your applied jobs, interviews, and any offers

Week 14: Island Interview

The Career Island will interview you for the desired job title that you want and your sales skills will be put to the ultimate test

For clients that are interested in adding soul readings to their 4-month coaching program, click here for more spiritual info

Finally discover how to get hired in your own unique way

WITHOUT falling prey to the fear of the unknown

Apply for the Career Cruise Line NOW!

Career Clarity

Leisure Time

Job Market Knowledge

Financial Freedom

Your Long-Term Benefits

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Work With Me

Please click the button below and fill out the intake form to speak directly with me about your career coaching needs

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