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A Career You Don't Have to Escape From

Welcome to the Career Island:

where you're just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle

It is hard to get a good job with a bad resume


Formal resume writing is a specialized marketing skill set that is not taught in any school or college in the world. It is NOT your fault that you do not know how to write your resume to get callbacks.

It is my job as a Career Procurement Expert to assist you in learning how to get and stay hired! Here on the Career Island, we change the way people job hunt so they can go from job seeker to skill seller.


Workforce currently job searching


US unemployment rate - May 2023

5 Months

Average timeframe to replace work

It doesn't have to take long to get hired!

Learn how to quickly land positions for 6-figure remote roles so that you can have the freedom, flexibility, and finances you need to start living the life you truly desire and deserve NOW.


It's not you, it's your RESUME!

Find out how to attract Hiring Managers in your field with a professional resume audit and learn how to write your resume for the eyes of the beholder of it  (HR)

Underpaid. Undervalued. Overworked.

The majority of the people in the workforce are underpaid, undervalued, and overworked.

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Without the knowledge of how to build/write a successful resume, apply to positions, and then land offers in the interview process... MOST people choose to just stay in toxic work environments out of the fear of possibly not being able to find a new job or ending up in a worse situation. MANY people are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained by their current place of employment or drowning in debt, but they remain in the same place with no forward movement because it has become controllable, comfortable, and their norm to live paycheck to small paycheck.

The average job seeker does NOT have an understanding of the inner workings of the hiring industry and believes that "there is a shortage" of openings available in the market when there are actually more jobs for hire than there are people alive to fill them. The problem in the employment marketplace is that job seekers aren't being seen by companies that are hiring because their resumes ARE NOT written to attract the audience they are seeking.

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Over 114 million jobs lost due to the Pandemic

Transitioning to the Virtual Age: The BIG PICTURE Vision

The average person struggled with landing worthwhile careers even before the pandemic because the average person DOES NOT KNOW how to write their own resume to garner attention, strategically apply to jobs to GET the jobs, or successfully pitch their labor in an interview.

There are NO formal resume writing or career procurement coaching programs in any school or college in the world because education institutions do not make money getting students hired. They make money selling more education packages to keep you as a customer. I was put on to the Secrets of the Hiring Industry when I received my first job as a Resume Writer and it completely shifted my perspective of the job market because I finally learned how people ACTUALLY get hired!


I now specialize in 6-figure remote transitions by coaching people on the Business of Getting Hired.


Ride the remote
work wave with us

Get a two-page resume template on the Career Island and receive:

 ▪️ Increased Callbacks

 ▪️ Better Interviews

 ▪️ Elevated Job Search Confidence

 ▪️ Quicker Recruiter Response Times

 ▪️ A Career You Don't Have to Escape From

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Did you know that candidates with a

two-page resume can receive 2.9x as many callbacks and interview invites from Recruiters compared to other candidates in the same pool that applied with

a one-page resume?

Two-page resumes allow for more room to repeat essential keywords and keyword strings, include project impacts that are relevant to the role being applied to, and they give the job seeker the ability to articulate their skillsets at the top of the document with a format that is not tightly squeezed together, which is easier on the eyes of the decision-makers than the packed in one-page resume counterpart 

Screenshot (705)_LI.jpg

Why is this resume trash?

Let's go over the mistakes that most job seekers make when writing their own resume

Incomplete contact information

Lacks a specific skill section at the top

The format is not cohesive/in unison

No job title in the header

No achievements or accomplishments

It is unprofessional in the one-page format

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The Key to Decreasing the Unemployment Rate

is getting an Expert Resume Writer's help.

Many job seekers are under the false belief that hiring authorities read every single resume from top to bottom in full.

Nothing is further from the truth because people who facilitate candidate selection typically only take about 6-7 seconds when assessing candidate resumes because they have so many applications to get through. You have to be able to make an impression within that SHORT timeframe with the way you format and place essential information on your resume.

Always keep your audience in mind when crafting your own resume because you are writing for the reader, not yourself. You are trying to influence their hiring decisions so you need to know what they are looking for and where they are looking for it, along with what is impressive to THEM, not your own ego.

Resume writing is not taught in ANY high school or college

Doing it yourself causes unnecessary stress, job search frustration, and you run the risk of getting it wrong 

$527 is the average market price for just a resume redo

The industry is elite and caters to the already wealthy in society while discouraging the marginalized

Career development is an investment in yourself

Your resume is a first impression that you can give to a potential company to set the tone of your interviews

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Resume Writing Career Services 


Both of the services below include a newly built Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization


Career Economy

Cover Letter
LinkedIn Profile


Career First Class

The Career Economy Service

2-Weeks of LinkedIn Branding + Engagement
15 Completed Job Applications

15 Links to Open Jobs


Update your resume,

update your life

"We started a multi-six figure business from home in the middle of the pandemic off the strength professional resumes and getting the culture out of poverty. I am gifted at the art of getting my community into higher tax brackets through the craft of career procurement. I get to live out my dreams everyday just by being the vessel that gets people to financial freedom through doing what I love and do well."

Thank you for visiting my island and supporting my lifestyle.

-Andrea Logan, Director of Career Services


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"I'm a Brazilian-Canadian Administrative Assistant. It was such a struggle for me to find work after moving to Canada because I was a foreigner, but Andrea worked with me on my resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and interviewing skills in English and I was hired at 2 different remote positions in my field."

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