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From Seeker to Seller: Transform the Job Market

From Seeker to Seller: Transform the Job Market

A professional mindset manual to assist a job seeker in shifting to a seasoned skill seller. If you want to actually make progress when it comes to landing your ideal role and be fruitful in your attainment of that goal, you MUST learn self-marketing because labor is a commodity that is bought and sold in the job economy.


This short read will help people on the job market undergo a necessary transformation that ends excuses and entices the mind to start building the endurance necessary to go through the entire process of securing a high-level job offer.


I put together 6 essential steps for those that feel like they are inadequate in the job market from a lack of DESIRED results to show for their efforts in trying to get hired. In this manual, I illustrate how to engage yourself as a product that is beneficial to the bottom line of businesses and how to reimagine yourself as an expert marketer in the mental game of getting hired since all you are really doing is persuading someone else to believe in your abilities enough to make a purchase. "It is a skill to learn how to sell the skills to earn."

Allow me to expand your mind into the world of bigger and better opportunities so that you no longer internalize the job hunt.



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