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The Career Island Guide to Getting Hired

The Career Island Guide to Getting Hired

This is the very first e-book on the island! It is an 11-chapter guide (1 page per chapter) that covers all my proven to be successful job hunting tips & tricks that I have studied and developed to get my clients, followers, and audiences members HIRED.


(check my Instagram highlights for real time results of my work in getting the culture out of poverty from home)


Each chapter covers 3 essential tips that will walk you through The Business of Getting Hired and how to get through the many loopholes of the modern hiring industry. This strategy guide is a consolidated version of how to get and stay hired in an easily digestible style so that the reader can immediately start implementing the advice and start job hunting like a career procurement expert.




I created the ultimate job seeker's pamphlet in order to assist those that want to see all of my career coaching and application tricks from social media in one place and get a more descriptive inside scoop on how to finesse their job search and attract more worthwhile positions with underground tips that don't make it to all the platforms.


*Bonus* Careerology Menu (find out the jobs on the astral plane at the end)






  • Discount codes for the free CEO Email Script and more products/services
  • List of questions to ask during your next interview
  • Aggressive application strategies 


Let us know when you get hired!🌴

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