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Resume Audit W

Resume Audit W

This is the Resume Audit Walkthrough *digital product* that will completely WALK you through your own resume. This is not a service where we audit your resume for you, this is a DIGITAL PRODUCT that is going to help YOU see all the changes that need to be made on your resume.


It comes in a zip file that will have the following items inside:


  • Resume Audit Walkthrough (Word Document)
  • Resume Guide & Sample (PDF)


*This product comes with a $44 OFF coupon for any of the career coaching & service packages on the island that you will find at the top of your walkthrough Word document*


If you are a current job seeker on the market and have been struggling to land callbacks and interviews for the roles of interest that you've been applying to, the main issue is always going to be your resume. Your resume document MUST be revised before any other step in your job search process in order to achieve higher callback ratios.


The way in which you have been marketing your human capital labor skills on paper (the resume) is 100% holding you back from landing the interviews for the positions you have been going after IF you are receiving little to no callbacks when applying to open roles.


This Resume Audit W will give you a detailed understanding of what you have been doing wrong in regard to your resume build, format, layout, content, and assertion sections through the series of questions in the Word document. This is completely at your own pace and demonstrates all the things you that need to improve on your resume to boost your callback ratios




If you answer "No" to ANY of the questions in the walkthrough or if your resume doesn't have the same exact assertion sections in order that match what is presented to you in the same PDF, YOU MUST MAKE THOSE RESUME CORRECTIONS BECAUSE YOUR RESUME IS NOT MARKETING YOUR LABOR EFFECTIVELY TO DECISION MAKERS!


After you completely go through the walkthrough and revise your resume with the steps laid out for you in the document, open the Resume Guide & Sample and assess whether or not your newly updated resume meausures up to the PDF provided as a blueprint resource to correct any further errors that you find.




If you would like to receive a live 30-minute Zoom review of your updated resume content AFTER taking all the Resume Audit Walkthrough advice because you also want a professional to check your work and tell you verbally face-to-face what is wrong with your resume, please purchase this product again and we will get you scheduled for an $88 resume coaching session.


    You should immediately received the zip file of this Resume Audit Walkthrough product after payment from the automated delivery email. Right-click on the product and "extract" the files.


    If you have trouble accessing your product, please reach out to:

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