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Paid Edits

Paid Edits

If YOU "feel" as if you need edits of ANY kind on your resume, this is the service that you must buy on top of purchasing a full career package that includes written documents.


If you cannot or do not wish to pay this fee for edits and wait another 30 business days to receive your updates, be advised that YOU can edit your own resume on your very own for FREE and immediately whenever you want as you have the MASTER Word Document in your possession and are a perfectly capable human being that has the ability to change your own resume as you see fit (such as taking away or adding new numbers, letters, fonts, spaces, design, etc.)


We at The Career Island do NOT perform free edits of any kind after a resume service has been sent and completed. This fact and understanding is fully detailed out and explicitly outlined in the Terms & Conditions Service Agreement Form that you will be sent once you become a client.




If you have already paid for and received your resume, you literally already signed the form that states that we don't do free edits so there should be NO REASON ON THIS EARTH for you to ask for edits without being ready to pay this fee in full.


DO NOT try and act confused by the fact that you signed a document that says "I am aware that this company will not provide me with free edits" after you get your resume because in order to even start the writing process, we make sure that you put in writing that you are well aware that this company does NOT and will NOT provide you with free edits so there would be no confusion at the end of service.


IF you ask for edits after all this, that is the clear indicator that you sign documents without reading them in full (which is you choice and right, but you are responsible for what you agree to and you agreed to these terms of editing your own documents for free so get at it).


Please take a moment to FINALLY AND FOR THE FIRST TIME FULLY read the Terms & Conditions page here or have somebody else read it outloud to you and then you can go look at the official terms document you emailed back to us with your signature (that will hold up in COURT and in a bank dispute) and date when you purchased the service for more clarity on the subject of "ABSOLUTELY NO FREE EDITS" if you need to see it again for some reason because it is there plain as day. 


Thank you so much for being willing to and for wanting to continue to support the island!

  • After Payment

    Email the edits that you are interested in seeing directly to:

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