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Before you say that you cannot get hired, try all these steps:

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

I frequently come across people that are truly convinced that they are unable to get hired or destined to be unemployed for the rest of their lives. This is when I start to mentally go through the process of sizing up a potential client because I already know that the reason why someone cannot get hired is because they either have a 1) raggedy resume or 2) terrible stage presence in the interview rooms with HR Managers.

The following information will teach you how to work the Hiring Industry crowd on paper, in person, and give you steps to take to get aggressive in your job search.

My overall goal with my business and platform is to decrease the unemployment rate by assisting job seekers with their career procurement efforts by providing them with the tips and tricks that I use to get myself and my clients hired into the worthwhile positions of our choosing.

I give out free career advice across all my social media platforms because I am an expert in career procurement and getting callbacks, interviews, and job offers. I know how to position myself as the most qualified candidate for the positions that I procure. I have had the pleasure of working in the Human Resources Industry in a WIDE variety of roles and the real reason why most job-seekers struggle so much in getting hired is because...

1) they apply with a terribly generic resume that goes straight to the trash

2) they do NOT apply to the open position with a strategic job search strategy

3) they wait around for employers to reach out to them (DO NOT DO THIS)


The truth of the matter is, employers are not on the employee's side as much as job-seekers would like to believe. If you are trying to get a job, you have to work at landing the position as if it is a full-time job (because it essentially is). It takes increased effort and specific strategies to get hired into worthwhile positions because it is a competition for money.

It costs around $4,000 to employ an employee and employers are not trying to waste their time or energy hiring someone that is a liability to their company's brand. Employees are simply human capital at the end of the day in the eyes of the employers and Human Resources authorities. You are a dollar sign to them and quite frankly, if owners could run their business without paying for help... they would (and MANY of them do so still to this day).

The moment an employee starts costing the company more than around $4,000, they are disposed of and replaced with someone else that is less of a hassle to employ. This is how the game works and if you would like to experience this on the other side of the spectrum, start your own business and see how quickly your views change. People want competent assistance for their establishments that make them money, save them money, or decrease their time... so they can utilize the saved time to make MORE money. This is how the game works, so play or be played.

Businesses and corporations are not interested in giving out chances to potential employees that present themselves as incompetent or underqualified for the position they are trying to fill at their institution. It is a risk to the company's money to take chances on an employee that may or may not be able to perform the work duties and increase the overall net worth of the employer/company.

This is why Human Resources Departments require potential candidates for hire to go through so many tedious loops in order to receive callbacks and interviews because they are testing your ability to showcase your skills. Decision-Makers are testing potential employees' ability to assimilate into the company culture. If you showcase to them on paper or through your LinkedIn Profile that you aren't qualified for their open position or that you are not who they said they are looking for, they are not going to hire you. They are trying to save their own time by putting out a job ad that specifies exactly what they are looking for in their next potential employee. Be that!

If your resume and application does not match the job vacancy announcement that was posted by the company, it will be immediately disposed of because you seem like a risky investment for the company. They are not interested in risk, they are interested in gain. Why would they want to hire someone who lets them know immediately that they are not the right candidate? Make your resume match the keywords, qualifications, requirements, values, and mission of the company that is listed on their job description and website 'About Me' page or give the job opportunity to someone else who will take these tips.

In order to secure callbacks, interviews, and job offers, the potential candidate needs to be able to present themselves as a qualified individual that will be able to execute the job duties in a quick and efficient manner, while not needing too much extra training. Most companies do NOT want to waste time and money training new employees. They have you shadow an already trained worker and from there on, it is up to you to get up to speed so that you do not lose that job.

Think about this... Have you ever worked at company and felt like some of your co-workers were underqualified for the position or title that they held? Probably. There are so many people that hold positions at companies that perform their job duties poorly.

Regardless of how YOU felt about their competency level, those individuals were able to secure that position. There are ways to get hired when you are not qualified. There is a system to getting someone to hire you and it starts with being able to present your skills on paper and pass an interview (or getting a hook up from the inside). The easiest way to get hired is from the inside!

Hundreds of thousands of people are hired and fired every single day, which means there are constant opportunities to find work, especially in this day and age when the majority of the world is switching to the remote workforce. You can search for remote jobs in every county, city, state, or country in the world and never run out of newly opened job positions to procure with your professionalized resume and cover letter documents. Open work is a revolving door and there is no shortage of jobs available. There are MORE open jobs available for hire than there are humans alive to fill the positions.

So during your next career search, try out my methods below before you self-diagnose yourself as "un-hireable."




IF you have been applying to 30-50 different companies or job titles per day with specifically tailored resume documents that match the open job vacancy announcement's keywords directly each and every time you apply to a new position for hire and STILL have not been able to land a position, try out these methods:

  • Apply to the companies you're interested again

  • Make sure that ALL of your social media platforms are completely scrubbed of 'foul play'

  • Google the company and find out their contact information and reach out to them directly

  • Call the company and ask them about the status of your application

  • Connect with the company of interest on LinkedIn and reach out through the messages

  • Email your resume documents directly to the CEO, COO, CFO, HR Managers, & current employees that you find on LinkedIn or the company website

People LOVE asking me how they can get hired, but they forget that they are not applying to work for my company. Here are all the steps you can take to ask the EMPLOYER/COMPANY of interest on how to get hired at their company. Start making connections and contact them!

  • If you receive rejection letters, reply back and ask them why you did not make the cut and what all you can do to make it next time you apply later on in the week

  • Message current employees at the company you're interested in on LinkedIn and ask them who you can email your resume and cover letter documents to

  • Find ex-employees of the company you're interested in and ask them what they did to get hired and any other questions you may have about the company culture

  • LinkedIn Messenger the Hiring Authorities at the company you're interested in working for and ask them how you can get hired and who you should reach out to for hire

  • Find Recruiters in your industry and ask them which keywords you should be using on your specifically targeted resume for the industry and if they have any positions available

Before you say that you cannot get hired again or that your professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile optimization were not successful in securing increased callbacks for you, make sure that you are doing absolutely every single one of these steps.

More ideas for job seekers who are trying to get hired:

You may also wish to check out this website for all the companies that are currently hiring/freezing hiring due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Check social media hashtags such as #nowhiring #opentowork #jobpost #WFHopportunities if you have not been able to secure a job yet.

One of my personal favorite places to check for remote work opportunities is Entrepreneur Facebook Groups. Search "entrepreneur networking" on Facebook and add yourself to those groups and spotlight search "help wanted" and you will find many Entrepreneurs that are looking for assistance in running their business that will pay and even provide internships for job-seekers across all industries in every corner of the world.

Please hustle harder or pay a professional to do it for you.

Send in your most up to date resume here with links to open jobs:

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