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Jobs Applied For You

Jobs Applied For You

If you would like to receive application support for 15 open jobs to go along with your Career Economy package, this product will add this service on to your order. YOU MUST get your resume done by the island in order to qualify for this service to ensure that you have professional labor marketing materials to apply to positions with as it will ensure that you have the BEST possible chance at getting the most amount of callbacks.


*You MUST already have a professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile optimization done by the island in order to qualify for this product (do not just try and buy this product and send us the resume that you wrote yourself to use to apply to 15 positions for you.* 




Once you make this purchase, the Office Manager will reach out to collect your email address login information so that we can start the process of applying to the 15 open roles for you. The turnaround time for this product to be completed is 45-business days.

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