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Career Change

Career Change

This is a Career Change Reading using only tarot cards for querents interested in uncovering their immediate potential and the most aligned paths in the next phase of their Career Journey.


You are encouraged to ask a single career question to the cards and I will channel the energetic message that we get from the Divine and your own unique energetic markeup/patterns that come through in the channeling. This will help shed a Divine light of wisdom on what has been prolonging blessings as well as give guidance on how to go about achieving more cosmic consciousness while giving incredible insight on how to create the preferred reality.


  • Career messages
  • What fears need to be addressed (if any)
  • How to overcome energetic obstacles
  • Things that are seeking your attention now
  • Aligned job titles, industries, and companies now hiring that fit you




Once your payment has been received, I will reach out to you through the email to schedule the day and time to perform your reading.


*ALL READINGS are performed live by video or phone*

  • After Payment

    Please send in your full birth date, time, and location as it is necessary in plotting the points for the birth chart along with your career question.


    EXACT TIMES ONLY! Check your birth certificate for the exact time of birth as it is imperative to know the moment you entered into this realm through your Mother's portal.

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