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Speaking Engagements

Through my international social media influence, I now receive invitations to speak at institutions  so that I can reach the masses and teach job seekers all over the world how to get effectively get hired. My career intellect is a healing experience that I inject directly into the hearts and minds of the people in my community. I help them transform the way they feel and think about themselves as human capital and provide them with the knowledge that helps them leverage their labor so that they come out feeling worthy of the salaries they deserve.

My main goal/interest is to get my information about how to successfully job hunt into Black colleges and professional development spaces for women and minorities, with an emphasis on transitioning persons of the Pacific Islands into fully remote roles.

I finally have the reach and ability to be seen/heard in spaces where marginalized people can get the access to previously gatekept career procurement methods. This path that I walk is deeply entrenched in the righting of the wrongs from past injustices that kept this information hidden. It is the healing elixir that has never been provided in the hiring industry from anyone thus far. There is now inspirational faith for our futures as more and more people overcome their fears of interviewing and rejection by making the decision to attempt at excel beyond the doubt, programmed insecurity, and imposter syndrome. Allow me to enlighten those who are unable to afford professional career service packages with my talks that are full of easily applicable steps towards their dream lifestyle.


If you are interested in booking me for a professional speaking engagement,

please contact the office to see my Speaker Kit or schedule a consultation below.

Zoom Webinar Presentation


  • The Business of Getting Hired

  • Secrets of the Resume Industry

  • Overcoming Career Illusions

  • Discovering Your Strengths

  • Break Into Any Industry

Pitch Deck

(PDF Handout)

  • Resume Template Mad Lib

  • Interview Preparation Checklist

  • Sneaky LinkedIn (How To Set Up)

  • Questions of Career Discovery

  • Study Your New Job Factsheet

In-Person Events

(Must Wear A Mask)

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Global Summits

  • Tech Bootcamps

Andrea Logan, CEO

"These strategies that I have developed, been trained on, and tested have been proven to be continuously successful for not only myself, but for my clients and audiences. My mission is to decrease the unemployment rate and get people out of poverty with simple and immediately applicable tips & tricks that work."

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