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The Career Island Backpack (survival guide inside)

The Career Island Backpack (survival guide inside)

The Career Island Backpack (with a survival guide inside)! This is the free product on the island that equips job seekers with all the information they need in order to start a very successful and targetted career procurement.


Inside the backpack, you will find the digital download for a comprehensive PDF guide that covers the following information with insightful tips & tricks:


  1. Career Clarity
  2. Job Matching
  3. Where to Work Ideas
  4. Where to Find Remote Roles
  5. Job Hunt Checklists
  6. Client Results
  7. How to Job Hunt




There is a 50% OFF DISCOUNT for a Resume Audit W at the end of the guide for the readers. Happy job hunting and let us know when you get hired!


*Check out the Career Coaching tab here if you are interested in getting 1-on-1 private coaching after you finish going through this free guide*

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