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Managerial Clients

Includes: Matching Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Update, CEO Email Script, & Follow Up Email

This managerial tier is for job seekers that are 30 years of age or older, regardless of whether they are trying to land a managerial level position or not. The potential to secure a profitable career is high in this age range because you have years of experience as a piece of human capital in the workforce.

The average price for JUST a professional resume is $527 and as a courtesy, we provide a full career package for job seekers at this level because after you hit 30 years of age, you "could" have been a manager somewhere, so you will present yourself as that to decision-makers to assist in the process of garnering 6-figure positions with the help of

the Career Island.

If you are not able to afford this service, the tips on the TikTok: @andreaisawriter are $0 and the blogs have detailed advice on how to get yourself hired, but career services are investments in self. 

Any job seeker 10+ years of work experience in the job market doing ANY sort of work will need to purchase the Executive package in order to become a client because they have had ample time on this Earth to save enough to afford this investment in self. If you are trying to land a 6-figure position, a 4-figure service is affordable for the lifestyle you are wanting, so invest in it or use the free tips on your own.

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