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Executive Clients

Includes: Matching Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Update, CEO Email Script, Follow Up Email, Recruiter Email, Thank You Note, & 30-Minute Coaching Call

This executive tier is for job seekers that have 10+ years of experience in the workforce, regardless of whether or not they are trying to land a C-Suite position.

The potential to secure a 6-figure career is very high with a decade worth of experience and your resume will highlight your expertise in a way that attracts these types of positions in the chosen field.

If you are not able to afford this service, the tips on the TikTok: @andreaisawriter are $0 and the blogs have detailed advice on how to get yourself hired, but career services are investments in self. 

Many clients start payment plans or take on other jobs in order to save enough money to afford this service so that they can get the necessary help to land a more worthwhile career. Make sure that you are serious about achieving your dreams before you decide on purchasing this service because we change lives here on

the Career Island.

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