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Career Deluxe Package

For professionals that just want to show up to their interviews and secure offers 

Many people become frustrated with the process of getting hired because it requires so much background knowledge on the current landscape of human capital, proper resume crafting, networking, and labor marketing.

On top of needing the career industry knowledge, there is a certain level of self-development that is required to job search effectively because in order to get what you want, you have to first know what you want out of yourself to be able to persuade another party to give it to you at your salary expectation.


This package includes the following items:

Professional 2-Page Resume

Cover Letter

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Career Coaching (60-minutes)

Interview Preparation (60-minutes)

2 Weeks of LinkedIn Branding + Engagement

50 Applied Jobs

2 Mock Interviews


I developed the Career Deluxe Service so that professionals could experience true career support and completely learn the Business of Getting Hired during our (4) one-on-one sessions.

All of the behind the scenes work that goes into professional career procurement will be handled by me so that the client can focus self-development, stress regulation, and mentally prepare for their interviews.

Deluxe: About

Professional 2-Page Resume

Tailored resume that is professionally formatted and embedded with the correct keywords and keyword strings from the desired job vacancy announcement

Cover Letter

Matching cover letter that fits the new resume design and title with industry keywords, career specs, and skills pulled from the job description

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Professionally optimized LinkedIn Profile that matches the industry and selected job title in the headline along with a customized banner

Career Coaching

One-on-one 60-minute session to go over any and all career concerns or questions to help train the client on how to navigate the current job market

Interview Preparation

One-on-one 60-minute session to uncover interview anxieties and implement ways to overcome them along with strategies to help study for new roles

Personal Branding & Engagement

LinkedIn engagement and networking for 2-weeks in order to build relevant connections and increase activity on the platform for more job opportunities

Strategic Applying

Application support for 50 open positions directly through the company's website and career portal that match the client's new resume & skillset

Mock Interviews

Select 2 callbacks and we will perform mock interviews for them with info sessions at the end of each to go over what to improve for the real one

Deluxe: Services
Deluxe: Product Slider
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